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menHi folks it’s Mike Church with today’s Church Doctrine.

Russell Kirk was a great historian of the latter half of the 20th century and he was a great conservative yet few people read or cite him these days. This is mostly because Kirk was an unapologetic opponent of American Empire made possible through nation building exercises. What Kirk also contributed was an unshakeable devotion to the classical and traditional things which included reading.

Kirk encouraged the reading of the great works of great men and harkened back to the Greeks and the Romans. This must seem foreign to young people today who are exposed to these works only in the perverted incarnations seen on movie screens. Gone are the required readings of heroes and their escapades. We wouldn’t want any young men thinking that chivalry, strength, courage and physical feats are worthy of honor now would we? Why, those young men might go and do something silly, like learn a labor intensive skill.

Russell Kirk, like the Founding generation, also wrote of the philosophies. Philosophies inspire thought and critical thinking which explains why they aren’t required learning any longer. Why, we wouldn’t want our young men questioning the decisions of our almighty federal overlords now would we?

The conservatism of Russell Kirk is missed but what we will miss more is the influence of Kirk, Dante, Aristotle and Locke which has now been replaced by the likes of a rapper named Common, a word that would NOT have been used to describe the unknown men cited in this essay.

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  1. If you want to know what the so called radio mafia will eventually get around to discovering on liberty , freedoms and the founding fathers then listen to mike church's program now. He is so ahead of his time by stating clearly and wisely what the founders wanted , intended and desired for this Nation " and no were not a Republic" The modern day conservative is really a Big Government Republican which desires to control and grow the federal centralized government powers. Warning once you have taken the red pill the other radio programs will sound like there coming straight from the chi-com public broadcasting channel

  2. Mike,

    It is interesting that you cite the name "Common." My sainted aunt Bocca (pronounced Bakka), who was the matriarch of our extended family, used to say about men and women who just didn't measure up that they were "common." To be called "common" by Bocca was to be assigned to Dante"s eighth circle of hell.

    Russell never got to meet Bocca, but they were kindred souls.

  3. Somebody (perhaps Mr Church himself) should compare this to Tyler Cowen’s book Average is Over. The 20th century was called the Century of the Common Man. The 21st clearly isn’t.

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