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interview responsibilityI recently enjoyed a great discussion with Mike Church on his national radio show.

We talked about the responsibility of citizens in a republic, foreign and military policy, and increasing liberty through limiting the national government to its constitutional powers outlined in Article 1, Section 8.

Here’s the link to the audio of the show. My interview begins about nine minutes into the audio file. Thanks to Mike Church for having me on the show and for making the audio available to post on The Imaginative Conservative.

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Winston Elliott, III is Editor-in-Chief of The Imaginative Conservative. This is a revised transcript from The Mike Church Show

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  1. As you know I'm not against "intervention" in some cases, but have never been a Wilsonian. Certainly there was nothing I could disagree with. You are not advocating "head in the sand" and ignore the bad guys in the world. A calm and persuasive commentary. Good refresher on domestic politics too. I don't know if at this point in history the US could cease to be a superpower. I fear what would fill the vacuum. But can we disengage from sprawling empire? I hope so. Thanks!

  2. Many thanks for making this broadcast available. What a measured, cogent, gentlemanly talk from Winston. Listen carefully to hear Dr Kirk applauding.

    What size audience does Mr Church attract? He's a fine mix of populism, sense and scholarship.

  3. Mike Church has the longest running political talk show on XM/Sirius Radio. I'm not sure what his listener numbers are, but they moved him into the morning drive slot for the East Coast which is nearly unheard-of for political talk. Even Rush is usually on later than morning drive. Not sayin' he's bigger in number. Good show but too hard-line Libertarian/Austrian for me to get 100% onboard with.

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