Some observations, rude and otherwise, from two weeks of traveling across the United States.

I’m at the end of seven weeks of intense traveling. Frankly, I’m tired and more than a bit cranky. But, of course, I brought the travel on myself entirely. For what it’s worth, here are a few observations from my adventures—focused on the events of the last two weeks.

If I ever found myself in a crisis, I would much rather stand next to a member of the Tea Party than to a member of Occupy Whatever.

Tea Party people I met in New Mexico have worked for their money and have pride in themselves and those around them. They love their families and their country—not necessarily for what it is, but for it could be.

Occupy Whatever people I encountered in an unnamed east coast state, have no pride in anything, including the vast sums of money their parents have given them, allowing them to spend time protesting and in their REI tents. They are a frightful, undisciplined army of spoiled brats.

American Airlines is so much nicer than Delta.

Carey Roberts is one of the finest lecturers I’ve ever seen [and for those of you who know me, you know what a terrible, no-good, nasty snob I am about such things]

Steve Jobs really was an astounding human. Too bad he went fascistic in his last moments in regard to Android.  Still, he was astounding.

Winston Elliott is really, really smart.

Few folks can make me laugh as much as Mark Kalthoff.

Middle class people who take welfare (especially WIC) are arrogant and rude to themselves, their children, and their neighbors. I was horrified at the woman in front of me at a Kroger’s this week, dressed to the nines, but screaming at her kids, and paying with a WIC card. The Hotel Andaluz may very well be one of the finest hotels in America. The beauty of the interior was matched only by the excellence of the staff. In particular, David the Clerk was incredible. The Lucia, located within the Hotel Andaluz, might be one of the finest restaurants in America. Gail made one of the two or three finest meals I’ve ever experienced. Michael, the waiter, brought the meal with dignity and class. Thank you for the best meal I’ve had since visiting Bahn Thai in Seattle over a decade ago.

If I had to choose between either Mel Bradford’s vision of the founding or Harry Jaffa’s, I’d attempt to immigrate to Canada. One of the most touching things to encounter is a young person returning from a military tour abroad and being welcomed home by her jubilant family. Even at 1:00am at Detroit Airport, such a reunion brought an amazing lift to my soul.

But, the best moment of the week—building space ships out of Legos with my son, John. Best two hours of my last seven weeks.

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