MANDEVILLE, LA – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Listen to this clip from the February 20th Post Show Show and get prepared to go ACTIVE. Mike explains how George Mason, despite the gout, knew it was his duty to assist with writing the Constitution, among other events, and even though he was averse to leaving Gunston Hall, his country was more important. Is your country (whatever that may mean to you) worth more than Tuesday Bowling nights?

When the duty of defending their constitution called the Revolutionary generation of men, they answered the call despite their aversions to public service and certainly to military service even if they were physically hampered, like George Mason. Today, it is almost impossible to fill up a small restaurant with patriots willing to even discuss rescuing our beleaguered republic from imminent doom and the fascism that will inevitably result. Mike recounts the story of the great George Mason’s struggle with his “rights” and his “duties” as beautifully written by Russell Kirk.

Listen to the audio here.

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Books related to this topic may be found in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore. This is a revised transcript from The Mike Church Show.

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