This address was delivered at the 2008 Annual Founders’ Day Breakfast of the Free Enterprise Institute. Josiah Bunting, III became president of The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation in 2004. He had previously served as superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute.  From 1966 until 1972 he served on active duty in the Regular Army, attaining the rank of Major. He served with the Ninth Infantry Division in Vietnam, and as an assistant professor of history at West Point. He served as professor of history at the Naval War College, and as president of Briarcliff College (1973-1977) and Hampden Sydney College (1977-1987).

His publications include biographies of Ulysses Grant and George C. Marshall, and four novels. Mr. Bunting’s first novel, The Lionheads, was selected as one of the “Ten Best Novels of 1973″ by Time Magazine; his novel An Education for Our Time was a main selection of the Conservative Book Club in 1998. Since 2007 he has served, as well, as president of Intercollegiate Studies Institute’s Lehrman American Studies Center.

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