money rncWarned John Taylor in his “Inquiry Into The Principles of the Gov’t of the United States”  “[The powerful Executive branch]…converts representation into vassalage to the leaders of parties, disciplined, not by the comparatively honourable infliction of the lash, but by the base and wicked sophism, that it is honourable to stick to a party, and treacherous to adhere to conscience. The disciples of this infamous doctrine are forged into tools for ambition and tyranny by praises and rewards, whilst honesty is discouraged by base epithets, as a foil to the varnish with which the decoys are painted, designed to deceive and enslave the multitude.”

And so I bear witness to Taylor’s analysis of the fully corrupt English system now in full, glorious swing in the U.S. If there is one thing you will glean from visiting the RNC or DNC it is that what we call “politics” is actually an industry that may, in Mario Puzo speak, be called The Industry. This organic being produces genie in a bottle fixes for the hopeful to problems the Industry has created, that’s a nice racket if you can get away with it: make problems then sell your own services to address them. This is in the spirit of what Neitzsche called “will-to-power”, the “false philosophy” of our age, i.e. that in politics there is good power and there is bad power. If you are an adversary this week and in Tampa “good power” rests in the hands of the Democrat Party and the opposite will be true next week in Charlotte for the Republicans.

The modus operandi that I witnessed on “Radio Row” here at the RNC was anything BUT a serious discussion of the serious issues of our time. It was instead a baleful free-for-all of competing makeup artists, Twitter spin and the occasional cliched interview with an Industry Official (these are the ones we elected) promising that the Romney-Ryan genie bottle, if rubbed correctly, will produce enough patronizing salve for a victory in November.

There is to be no advocate of my children and yours, passing out “pamphlets” promoting the _________(insert delegate here) 3 year plan to NOT raise revenues AND balance expenditures that was scheduled for a 2 day floor debate and ensuing vote counting battle. No, the illusion of policy debate contained in 28 year projections that become obsolete before they can be printed provides an perfectly acceptable alternative.

A look back at the first election featuring an eligible first term President against an outsider, the 1800 contest of Jefferson vs Adams vs Burr provides us a metric to measure how serious men deal with what in their age are serious issues. Jefferson as then Vice President to Adams, organized the opposition to the Alien & Sedition Acts, rallying James Madison and Taylor to help conceive and then bring to life the practice of “nullification” which was introduced as a federalist measure in the VA Assembly in November of 1798. That the three men could have been prosecuted under then federal law would be the equivalent of Romney secretly meeting WITH SuperPacs to submit video commercial ideas promoting a political apocalypse unless a balanced budget is achieved by Feb 1, 2013. It is worth noting that such a proposal holds the prospect of bestowing the actual genie in the bottle dreams of the faithful while dashing the utility of the genie and that’s how our game is played today, with a “media” that goes along for the billion dollar windfalls every quarter in ad and subscription revenue.

There will be no problems addressed or solved at this convention save for how best to deal with the inconvenience of dangling the gold standard carrot in front of Rand Paul and his acolytes that must now be put back in the bottle. The Industry will nominate and cheer and so will some of us who see this extravagance for what it is: a hastening of the ultimate crackup of the regime Taylor described.

Human Scale is coming to a region/state/neighborhood near you and we would be wise to recall the farce that is today’s “debate” that brought it about.

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