Mike: Sue is in Kentucky, next on the Mike Church Show. Hello, Sue.

Caller Sue: Hi there, how are you?

Mike: I am well, thank you.

Caller Sue: You got my blood boiling this morning with that abortion topic. Here’s my thing: I’m really sick and tired of the liberals being able to twist things in their direction, yet we take their insults and get beaten down. They rip our arms off and beat us with it. I’m really tired of it. I think the way that this should have been twisted is: you guys made it legal, so it’s legal; but if the fetus is a fetus and not a baby, that’s going to be the case when you’re trying to sue us, too. If you’re saying it’s not a baby, then when you want a lawsuit, then it is also not a baby during the lawsuit. I am not a believer that it is a fetus. I believe it’s a baby. I’m extremely conservative with that. By God, when it comes to them being able to use the situation for lawsuits for their own good, then they’re going to turn our words on us? I don’t think so.

Mike: Are you upset at the Catholic charity or at the person that’s filing the lawsuit?

Caller Sue: I am upset at the person filing the lawsuit. As for the Catholic charity, yeah, they said something stupid and shouldn’t have said it. I get it. CNN is actually who is aggravating me with the “Look, the Catholics have just admitted it’s not a baby but a fetus.” No, that’s not what’s going on. We’re saying now because of the law, this is now classified as a fetus and that you can’t do anything. Now our beliefs apparently don’t matter. The law says this is a fetus. It was an attorney that said that, wasn’t it?

Mike: It was one of the attorneys for the Catholic charity hospital. We’re talking about the charity hospital in Colorado that was sued for wrongful death by the gentleman who lost his wife and twin boys she was carrying at eight months. I don’t know if I agree with your–“if that’s the game they want to play, then we’ll play their game with them.”

Caller Sue: An attorney is going to speak in the legal sense. They’re not going to speak in a faith sense, in a belief sense. You can’t win in a court of law with anything other than legal facts, legal findings. Your beliefs don’t really hold a lot of weight, in my opinion. Although yes, the Catholic belief does state such, and I was Roman Catholic forever. I didn’t really appreciate the hypocrisy. I am no longer Roman Catholic. I am just a loving or, try to be a loving Christian. By God, hearing the media flip this around just gets my blood boiling.

Mike: Maybe I’m just dense today. I’m having trouble with your analogy here.

Caller Sue: Okay.

Mike: Number one, I don’t understand who you’re upset at or why you’re upset. Number two, if you’re saying that there is a wrong, that the child is a fetus, that we’re going to go along with you, fight you, and make you honor the fact that you said it was a fetus, then your principle has now changed. You’re saying faith doesn’t matter in a court of law and you should then abandon it.

Caller Sue: I guess it would make it clear if I explain more of who I’m angry with. It was the liberal media. You mentioned that it was on CNN and they’re just taking this ball and running with it–

Mike: Of course they are.

Caller Sue: –that’s what aggravates me. That’s the part, and I know what they do–

Mike: Sue, there’s got to come a point in time–we’ve talked about this before. There has to come a point in time when people realize this ubiquitous boogeyman known as the liberal media only has credence if you give it to it. The idea that everyone who is awake to the liberal media is smart and everyone that’s not aware of the liberal media is an imbecile, I think, is offensive to start with.

AG: Sue, is there no story if the Catholic Health Initiative viewed the two fetuses as children? The story is created because of how the Catholic Health Initiative did not view these two unborn children as children.

Caller Sue: Exactly.

Mike: That’s who you ought to be angry at. You should be angry at the Catholic Health Initiative. They’re the ones: No, it’s a fetus, we’re not paying you anything, sir. They’ve chosen–

Caller Sue: I know. The whole thing is just aggravating.

Mike: I understand it’s aggravating. This is another moment in time where we should take a chill pill and solemnly reflect. Because we are human and because we are imperfect–we know this. That’s why God is so attractive to us, because he is perfect. We are not. He is God; we are men. He is God; you are woman. He is God; I am man. I am not perfect. I need his absolution. I need his forgiveness for my imperfections. The idea that we consistently complain about all the imperfections that are around us, that are part of the vicissitudes of life is another one of these things that “conservatives” are going to have to come to grips with sooner or later. All that just continuing to complain does is make complaining a world-class industry. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry, the complaining industry. Believe me, I find myself second guessing listening to tapes, like: Complaining about that and pointing that out is really not productive.

Caller Sue: What do we do from this point?

Mike: To complain about this in the manner in which we complain about it is to imply that at some point in the past there weren’t things to complain about and that life was perfect. Until these nasty, progressive liberals came along, all was right with the world. Streets were paved with gold. There was no sickness, no unemployment, no bad children, no bad men, no murders, no rapes, no theft, none of this. It’s only a recent thing that’s come along since Chris Matthews has been born. It’s only a recent thing that’s come along since John Dewey was born. It’s only a recent thing that came along since the advent of the modern progressives, since Theodore Roosevelt was president. That is just a historically redundant point of view. We would be wise, I think, to abandon it.

This is a revised transcript from The Mike Church Show

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