conservatism expressed as a vowWhen someone says they are a “hardcore conservative” what exactly does that mean? Is it possible that the term “conservative”, used properly, should resist being further diluted by descriptors? That would then require “conservatives” to have an agreed upon code they live by, kinda like the code adapted by chivalrous knights once upon a time.

Here was their code, written by Sir Amylion according to Charles Mills, author of “The History of Chivalry-Part I of II”. “The knights vowed that they would never injure or vilify each other, that they would share each other’s dangers; and in sign of the perfection of love, and of true unity, and in order to possess, as much as they could, the same heart and resolves, they solemnly promised true fraternity and companionship of arms.”

“From this day forward, ever mo
Neither fail, either for weal or wo,
To help other at need,
Brother, be now true to me,
And I shall be as true to thee.”

The code also included the vow that your friend’s enemy was yours and vice versa.

“A generous friendship no cold medium knows, Burns with one love, with one resentment glows.”

There is but ONE, easily identifiable, common enemy, that “conservatives” could unite in their enmity: the Devil; and thus one beneficiary of that unity: God (men would benefit as well by pursuing “sanctifying grace” a pursuit of all chivalrous knights).

“Eschewing politics!? Heresy!” they will scream and that’s the point. How many “conservatives” would take this conservative vow in place of the “vows” made to the Constitution, the “Founding Fathers” and fake, fraternal groups like the GOP? I will take the vow for this conservatism, comment below on your acceptance or rejection.

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