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donatan & cleoHealthy political philosophy, like Socrates, must at times “go down to the Pireaus” and see what is being said in the agora. While there, conservatives sometimes tend to see so much bad, that they miss the good. One such good is an erotic music video by the Polish rap duo Donatan & Cleo titled “We Slavic Girls.” Before I go on, and before anyone decides to accuse me of sexism, chauvinism or some other ‘ism’, let alone of masking a perverse pleasure with somber moralizing, I should like to say that my beloved wife was the one who showed me all of this and explained its significance with much enthusiasm. If my wife sits me down to watch a music video full of beautiful women, what can I do? For clarity’s sake, let us begin at the beginning.

I have never watched, nor been interested in watching Eurovision. I learned about this year’s winner, a man dressed as a woman with a beard, from an article on CNN, claiming that this individual was a symbol for the greatness of Western Civilization, and a needle in the eye of the “conservative” Russian people and Mr. Vladimir Putin. The article is silly, as is the premise, but I fear the sentiment is real. I fear that Westerners really do believe that their civilization is the height of culture because what once passed as a stereotypical circus act (the bearded lady) is now the crowning glory of Europe. Indeed—I even agree: a bearded lady is the best that the European Union can do. The problem is, Westerners seem to think it is somehow good enough.

Meanwhile, Russia has announced that it might be tempted to turn off America’s GPS systems, which function on the basis of Russian satellite technology. Russia has also announced that it will likely suspend space flights for Americans—Americans who, lest we forget, are unable to reach space without Russian technology. All of this is not to say that America is a technologically backwards nation, but rather, that America and Western Europe have made a choice about the kind of culture they wish to nurture: a suicidal choice. America, which once put a man on the moon, and Europe, which once put men on what would become America, have decided to close their factories and scientific research facilities and dedicate a vast percentage of their economies to consumer credit. The primary job of an American or European these days is spending money that the government prints. Russians, meanwhile, still build things. Important and impressive things. Yet the Russian people who maintain a functional space flight program are supposed to feel inferior to the West, which fields a bearded woman who claims to have a “husband”?

What really annoyed me, and particularly annoyed my wife—whose Polish patriotism is second to none—is the fact that the West is pretending that the bearded woman is the best that Europe has to offer, when in fact, it was the Polish Eurovision contestant, Donaton & Cleo, which were the embodiment of the true greatness of European popular culture. The Polish entry lost the battle, as Poles often do, but hopefully will win the war for the soul of Europe.

As my wife explained to me, and the rap music video clearly demonstrates, Slavic women from Eastern Europe are the most beautiful and desirable women on Earth. As the song explains, this is because they respect the genetic and natural inheritance they received from their mothers, they know how to cook well, and they are generally charming. The song also encourages men to “try” Eastern European women. In another video, the rappers tell us that Slavic women are “reliable like Kalashnikovs”, a pretty evident nod to Poland’s Russian brothers on the East.

eurovision bearded womanOf course, Donaton & Cleo were lectured by Enlightened Europeans that their video and their lyrics were the height of sexism and generally the stuff of pigs. Conservatives, upon first glance, might also shy away from embracing this obviously erotic video. However—let us consider for a moment: Above all, the bearded man-woman circus act that won the Eurovision is simply hideously unattractive. It boggles my mind how anyone could even look at something that ridiculously contrary to all natural aesthetic sense. I have seen transvestites perform music before in clubs and theatres, but transvestites usually shock the senses by doing a good job of dressing up as women (at least in Eastern Europe they do). The Eurovision winner is simply ugly, because the entire concept of a woman with a beard is ugly—ugly as in physically unattractive. Yet somehow, so many Westerners were able to sit through the performance, vote for the bearded woman and now post pictures of the bearded woman in the mainstream media as if to say “behold our virtue of tolerance!”

What I behold is a Western world so morally bankrupt and decadent, that even the natural, primitive sexual appetites that make men attractive for women and women attractive for men have been erased in Western minds. Decades of feminist propaganda have led to a Western society that has liberated itself from even eroticism. It has come to this—that a conservative must now begin the restoration of civilization from such a low, low point as to proclaim in the public square: Men should try to look attractive for women, and women should try to look attractive for men, because we require erotic love in order to bring us towards higher forms of philic and agapic love.

And that, really, is the point of the Donatan & Cleo rap video. If you watch the original Polish video, you will notice the girls are shown in traditional folk settings, and that attention is paid to high-lighting their God given feminine virtues. The video screams out to European men: have you forgotten what women are? Have you forgotten what erotic love is? Have you all gone sterile? For it seems that Western European man has indeed forgotten what women are. Eastern Europeans and Russians certainly have not. Conservatives, often mindful of the vices of erotic lust and temptation, ought not jump to prudish conclusions.

Imagine Odysseus; worn out, bruised, homesick—tempted by men dressed as women with beards. Imagine Penelope, waiting at home, alone, bored out of her mind because no suitors vie for her hand. Imagine a world without erotic love, a world of tolerance and homosexual inspired androgyny. Indeed—this world is fast approaching, and is upon the West already. It is a world without the vices associated with erotic lust; true. But is also a world where the natural virtues of spiritual love, often born of erotic love in the maturing years of youth, will also be abolished. It is a world predicted by C.S. Lewis in his Hideous Strength. It is a world that only Eastern Europeans and Russians can stop—specifically—Eastern European and Russian women. Their weapons will not be their brains, but their bodies.

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  1. Peter,

    Excellent analysis of our decadent cultural destruction.

    While your Eastern European point is valid, you’re missing an entire hemisphere–Asia.

    Asia also maintains Normal Human culture, even as we degrade.

  2. Peter, fantastically disturbing! You are on to something key and important- thank you for writing this and having the courage to put it out there with an even hand. Oh men of the West, where have you gone? I think the most poignant point is that the mindless masses are breaking their arms patting themselves on the back for their spectacular tolerance-

    It wrenches my gut to read this, but frightfully well done!

  3. Peter! Your comments about our culture are fascinating; and yes, those young Polish women are beautiful. But we Scottish women are not chopped liver.

  4. Mister Reith, as usual, a fine essay, and most to the point. I am beginning to wonder if you have ever written, or can write, anything shoddy.
    Not to sound a Spenglerian note, but it does seem as a people rise up and reach out into/against the world, there comes a time when they become weary. It is as if they have exhausted their DNA, or their potential, or something vital. They turn to blatant and rather despicable decadence, and like the French Aristos, wait in dull relief for the guillotine to finish them.
    There is always talk of revival or renaissance, but the degeneration runs too deep, and the last few shining jewels of the old order shine more brightly for the contrast.
    Such may be the fate of the West. Not that I would desire such a thing, as I am firmly a child of Western Civilization, a “middlebrow” who regards the writings and art and science of the Great Conversation as the so-far ultimate in human (or humane) existence. (Horrific chauvinist, what?)
    I honestly do not wish to survive the collapse of all I hold dear, but I have begun to believe in its inevitability. Both Left and Right have abandoned their old camps to merge in the promotion of a hedonistic consumerism (forget the secular humanists), wherein the Senate and People of (The City of Man) are more concerned with the nightly orgy than in defending the borders of the Empire.
    If it is true that the torch of history has been passed, I am not sure that it is to the Russians, as they also seem to be in the last glow of the West, nor to Asia, as they appear to be following our path, albeit behind as yet. It may very well be the next Civilization is to emerge from the Global South, and my ignorance forbids any prognostication as to what it would look like.

  5. Mr. Jonathan,

    if it helps, the girl sings that slavic women make good wives, that they have no shame about being good women who make good wives, that if you think there is some deeper or hidden meaning to her words, then you’re mistaken. In short, the singer basically makes the claim that the natural end of erotic love is marriage. It is an ode to marriage. I think this probably riled people the most. Marriage is not supposed to be presented like this; it’s supposed to look like some dreary vision of burdens, or like Ben Stiller’s ‘Heartbreak Kid’. As Henryk Krzeczkowski wrote “Poland is a country where everyone, from the sophisticated minds to the simple minds, believes that a marriage vow is a sacred obligation for life.” The liberals have done a terrible thing in co-opting erotic beauty and making it serve aims contrary to the beauty of marriage.

    Also – none of the feminists seem to notice that while this video celebrates slavic women, it shows the men to be weaklings who require pity and guidance from their wives, grandparents and mothers.

    There’s something about liberal democracy that attacks marriage; I recalll prof. Walter Williams claiming that after the abolition of slavery, black Americans would put adds in papers and try to find their families, that 400 years of slavery did not destroy the black family, and then cometh the 60s…

    The same is happening in Poland, partition, communism, war – none of it budged the family. Almost nobody ever got divorced, and the minute percentile who did were looked upon as being victims of unimaginable tragedy. 25 years of liberal democratic culture and the divorce rate rises at an alarming pace….one or two more generations and I fear the government will have succeeded in its stated goal of “bringing Poland to the standards of European civilization” – we’ll catch up to the Western divorce rate yet…

  6. I really enjoyed your article Pete. Worse than the bearded lady,though was your obscene idea of a homoerotic Odyssey. No doubt, something like that will end up on broadway or HBO in a few years and be celebrated by mainstream media as courageous and inspiring. It’s been a long time since our Hillsdale days. Glad your unique voice and vision is still loud and clear and that you’ve moderated some of your Nietzschean sturm und drang for a healthier perspective!

    • Pete! Thank you for planting the first seeds on my long and winding road to our Lord and Savior! I never forgot our talk back in the student lounge during my Freshman year, and although it took many years for fruit to spring from it, it was a powerful first step in my faith. Thank you for taking the time to minister with such wisdom and kindness!

  7. I too have never and can’t imagine that I will ever watch this event.
    However I too have heard the news about it. I understand that the British people voted for the Polish song and yet the judges from the liberal elite overruled them and gave Britains points to the revolting “woman”.

    I wonder if this happened elsewhere too.

  8. I absolutely love your writing and resonate with your worldview very deeply. Please keep the articles coming. You have a faithful reader in me. If you write at any other site or for any other forum, please let me know.

  9. I have been following you recently again and really appreciate your views, after an 18 year hiatus. I agree that there is so much wrong in the ‘enlightened’ populace setting up some on a pedestal while tearing down others who prefer traditional lives. Like the bearded lady of the past if that is your life, live your life, but my more traditional life is just as important and a lot more stable and therefor desirable to me than your ‘wild’ life.

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