mournless musicNew adventures in verse (a mournless music)


The window’s complaint, the evening’s lament,

escaping light steals into streets,

a peal of scales hangs outside.

There is an absence in the air, a pall,

of forbearance, forgiveness, of unrepentance.


The ghost of unforgiveness haunts this place

like bells which fail to chime in towers and trees

like teeth which fail to click in place in wheels and



The voice says speak and I will speak

But I will not sing to a mournless music.


The road roars and moans and thunders

darkness wails and shrieks and leaks into

the soul. A cuckoo speaks


The trees are tossed like clothes in a machine

the night sky flashes, clear not thunder

a stone has fallen in the street

a rose a flower smells defeat


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