brexitTo understand the result of the British referendum to leave the European Union it is enough to read the US Supreme Court decision, issued on the same day as the British referendum. The Court’s decision is a classic work of American federalism. The one sentence ruling is easily intelligible to all citizens. It correctly upholds the Constitutional separation of powers between the legislative and executive branches. It likewise makes no incursion by the judiciary into the realm of legislative power because it remains absolutely silent on the subject of immigration—a subject upon which only the people, through their representatives, can decide. Finally, the ruling also serves the interest of the Court by exploiting the vacancy on the bench and refusing to allow a tie vote to become an internal brawl among Justices during a presidential election year. The Court demonstrates its power while maintaining a proper distance. All of this is representative of American federalism at its best.

All of this is also the exact opposite of how the European Union works, which is why the British left and the Swiss withdrew their application to join. Soon, the only country in the world which will wish to join will be Ukraine, whose political elites, having looted their compatriots, now require access to Western budgets. As a Subject of the British Commonwealth, I was content to be fated to practice British politics as Evelyn Waugh advised: It is not for me to have a say in how her Royal Highness organizes her government. As a citizen of the European Union, I cannot help but wonder how much further the irrationality of the elites in Brussels will extend. Anyone familiar with European history knows that several pan-European political projects have come and gone over the ages. It is folly to imagine that the present modes and orders of European political organizations are definitive or perfect. The ignorance of a partisan divide between Euro-enthusiasts and Euro-skeptics is about as helpful as a debate on the issue of “To be or Not to be” was for Hamlet. Europeans support peace, commerce, culture and international harmony. Europeans do not support being ruled without the consent of the governed. Either the European Union will now heed the will of the people and carry out real reforms rather than continue to ignore reality in favor of bisexual families and the rights of transsexual circus clowns, or it will continue to decompose.

Personally, I think that the French and German people are next in line to have their say. Franco-German assertiveness will save the European Union as the old liberal elites who are turning Europe into Afghanistan are swept from power in favor of people who understand that the European heritage must be preserved, not endangered by the Union. The time is fast approaching when Europeans will have to make a choice: Are they going to further insist on antagonizing Russian Christian civilization while opening the door to alien Islamic elements? The British, meanwhile, will be exactly where they were yesterday on their Island, and their participation in European civilization will blossom as their participation in the European Union has decayed.

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