louis-c-moeller-the-conversation support the imaginative conservative“Things have never been worse in this country…. This is the most important election in our lifetime…. We’ve never seen anything like this before in the history of the world…”

So say so many short-sighted pundits who pontificate on television, in print, and on the internet, showing their lack of judgment and historical perspective.

If we followed the crowd, we would tell you, our readers: “This is our most crucial year, a turning point in our journal’s history. Without your immediate support…”

But we at The Imaginative Conservative think more highly of you, dear readers, than to subject you to such hyperbolic support requests. We know that you are thoughtful, reflective, and discerning, and that you are cognizant of the fact that Western culture, having met a myriad of challenges for millennia, will endure the buffeting of the present times, and indeed continue to flourish.

We know that you recognize what is ephemeral, superficial, and fleeting, and what constitutes the permanent things. We know that you have no desire to partake in the hysteria of the twenty-four-hour news cycle, to re-read the same, repetitive analysis of current political developments. We know that, instead, you come to us to read our reasoned, reflective essays (now more than 4,600 in total) on issues of politics, economics, culture, and liberal learning, written by some of the greatest minds of both the present and the past (our roster of authors, living and dead, now numbers more than 860).

We know that you do not seek here on our pages an echo chamber, a facile validating of pre-conceived conclusions. We know that, instead, you read The Imaginative Conservative to challenge yourself to think deeply, to consider different perspectives, yet ones that are indebted to the wisdom of the ages. You come here to make use of that wonderful gift of imagination with which our Creator endowed you. In an age when acerbic sound bytes dominate our political discourse and “trolls” run rampant across the internet, seeking essays and ideas to criticize, we know that you understand what scholar Peter Kalkavage has called the “principle of appreciation:” You savor and learn from the text of books and essays to the utmost of your ability, treating the author’s words not merely with civility, but even with magnanimity—and never with hostility.

The Imaginative Conservative strives to preserve the best of what Western Civilization has produced in terms of man’s political, philosophical, and economic thought and artistic achievement. Though our journal is free to our readers, and advertisement-free, it is not free to produce. Your contribution will help The Imaginative Conservative remain a refreshing oasis in the increasingly vast, yet evermore barren, wasteland of modern discourse.

Please make a contribution today. As our Lord Himself says in the Book of Isaiah, “Come, let us reason together.”

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