By speaking out harshly against Germany, President Donald Trump has stood up for the millions of decent, hard-working, God-fearing Eastern Europeans who have borne the burden of inhuman poverty for too long…

American liberals pose as advocates of the poor, the alienated and the exploited. The operative word here is “pose.” If American liberals actually cared about the poor, the alienated and the exploited, they would be standing proudly with President Donald Trump, whose first two foreign policy interviews show us an American President determined to fight for elementary justice in the world today on behalf of the poor, the alienated, and the exploited.

When President Ronald Reagan gave his first press conference to a bewildered world, he accused the Soviet leaders of “[reserving] unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat” in order to achieve their goals. The press and the diplomatic corps were aghast. However, for millions of Poles, Russians and other Eastern Europeans behind the Iron Curtain, President Reagan spoke truth to power in the name of millions who did not enjoy that right. Now, with his first two foreign policy interviews, President Donald Trump has done the same thing. By saying that the European Union is nothing but a vehicle for German domination, he has spoken truth to power and taken a stand for the millions of Europeans who are oppressed by a political economy made for the benefit of Germany. The American liberal intelligentsia, the press, and the diplomatic corps who condemn President Trump’s words are not only wrong to do so, they are especially wrong to suggest that President Trump has somehow taken a stand against international peace and justice in favor of narrow nationalist interests. Quite the contrary is true.

A cursory examination of the average monthly salaries in the member states of the European Union reveals a very simple truth: The European Union is not a union of nation-states living in peace and freedom, with equal rights for all citizens. It is a German Empire that uses Slavic peoples and Slavic lands as slave labor and cheap resources to power the German state. The average monthly wage of Slavic citizens of the European Union is anywhere from half to far less than half of the monthly wages of Western European Union citizens. However, the prices of goods and services are generally on par throughout the Union.

The unelected “liberal democrats” who administer the European Union routinely issue condemnations of far-off countries for failing to uphold labor rights, human rights, economic rights. Yet they turn a blind eye to the fact that half of the European Union effectively works for slave-wages. These same-said “liberal democrats” ignore the root cause of this vast economic inequality: German aggression during World War II combined with Western European collaboration with the Nazi regime. While the French, the Benelux countries, and much of Western Europe were busy collaborating with Hitler to maintain their overseas colonies and preserve their physical wealth, Poland and the majority of Slavic peoples of Eastern Europe were the only ones fighting the Nazis for the entire period of World War II, suffering devastating losses in both human and material terms. The communist economies which came to dominate after World War II were also a direct result of the German war effort; Germany destroyed any hopes that Eastern Europeans would be able to recover the political and military capacity to withstand Soviet domination during the Cold War.

Despite these harrowing losses, Eastern Europeans enthusiastically joined the European Union in the name of peace and freedom. They forgave German crimes in the name of European unity. For twenty-five years, Eastern Europeans accepted lower wages, longer working hours, and the burdens associated with adopting Western legal and political standards—often alien to their own deeply Christian cultures and traditions—all in the name of a Christian sense of obligation towards the European idea.

In return for twenty-five years of sacrifice, the Eastern Europeans are today, as Polish European Union member of parliament Janusz Korwin Mikke recently said on the floor of the parliament, “the [n-words] of Europe.” The European Union members of parliament reacted with shock to Mikke’s words, feigning the usual politically correct disgust with “racism.” However, as usual they miss the point. Mikke is no racist—and he did not use the word to as a slur against peoples of African descent. He used the word to speak truth to power; he used the word because the word signifies the fact that Slavic peoples in Europe are treated by Western Europeans in the same way that blacks were treated in the Jim Crow South.*

This is a truth that the Western “liberal democrats” pretend does not exist, and in this respect they mirror the moral degeneracy of the racists who perpetuated the Jim Crow South. Slavs have for decades remained loyal to the European idea despite their horrible misfortunes at the hands of German and Western European elites. Slavs have given the same loyalty to the European ideal as African Americans gave the American ideal throughout several decades of Jim Crow. As Justice Clarence Thomas once noted, his father tempered the young Justice’s grievances against the injustices of America towards blacks by asking, if not America, then where else could they go? Slavic citizens of the European Union often find themselves in the same situation: They desire to be part of European culture, they desire to be good Europeans and good citizens of a united and free Europe. They cannot speak truth to power just as the African Americans could not speak truth to power for so long.

By speaking out harshly against Germany, President Donald Trump has stood up for the millions of decent, hard-working, God-fearing Eastern Europeans who have borne the burden of inhuman poverty for too long. President Trump is right: Either the European Union will finally reform and come not only to respect the cultures and traditions of its many members, but also above all to raise the living standards of half the continent, which lives in conditions that can only be called colonial slavery; or it will dissolve because God is just, and a house divided against itself cannot stand. Independent of the fate of the European Union, Americans should be proud that the President of the United States has done the right thing.

Let the press and the diplomatic corps complain: The working men and women of Eastern Europe finally have the advocate that they have so desperately needed. Either Germany will realize that their “one-thousand-year Reich” obliges it to a one-thousand-year term of penance, or the European Union will dissolve and be replaced by a more perfect union.

*See the video of Janusz Mikke’s remarks here.

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