(Washington, DC)—President Donald Trump today sent a note of thanks to CNN host Don Lemon for creating a 90-second campaign ad in which he and his guests pose as obnoxious media elitists who condescendingly make fun of Mr. Trump’s supporters as “credulous boomer rubes.” Voicing the sort of redneck accents they’ve only heard in B movies, the group—which includes two apparently unknown actors with the performance names of “Wajahat Ali” and “Rick Wilson”—breaks down into uncontrollable laughter as the three discuss how the Trumpian “rubes” can’t spell or read, are ignorant of basic geography, and don’t even know what an “appetizer” is.

“Brilliant, brilliant,” President Trump said about the unexpected gift from one of his major media critics. “I mean, maybe it crossed the line a little in terms of what people will believe that even mainstream media types might say… but very, very effective, and it will save my campaign millions and millions of dollars since we can stop producing our own ads now. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even contribute a few dollars to CNN. They need it. Everybody knows they’re a dying network. C’mon, have you ever heard of anyone outside an airport ever watching CNN voluntarily?”

When asked about the ad, Hillary Clinton was incensed that her famous “Deplorables” commercial for Mr. Trump from the 2016 presidential election would be supplanted this time around.

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The featured image is a still from this brilliant CNN Trump 2020 campaign ad.

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