(Washington, DC)—In the wake of Republican Sen. Mitt Romney’s tear-filled speech in which he talked about the insomnia he suffers due to the extraordinary weight of his outsized, super-human conscience, many people around the country have been spotted wearing bracelets emblazoned with the lettering “WWMD?”

Based on the popular “What Would Jesus Do?” slogan, the bracelets are seen largely as a tribute to the moral courage of a man who was once a pro-choice liberal governor of Massachusetts, then a moderate, less pro-choice politician as he looked to national politics, then a conservative pro-lifer when he began running as a Republican presidential candidate, and then a moderate again after he lost the 2012 presidential race, then a Never Trumper when it was clear he could never wrest the nomination in 2016 from the wildly popular Mr. Trump.

“He’s just never wavered in his views, he’s a rock,” says Jennifer Ferguson, a wearer of the “WWMD?” bracelet. “Back in his days at Bain Capital, he really was like Jesus: brave, challenging the status quo, and showing that tough love was needed in putting loads of people out of work as he amassed a fortune of $250 million and left other people with massive debts to pay off. I also love the way he had the singular moral courage in 2016 to call Donald Trump a phony and fraud when the entire Republican party establishment, everyone in the media, and of course the whole of the Democratic party shared the same view.”

When it was pointed out to Ms. Ferguson that Mr. Romney once enthusiastically accepted businessman Donald Trump’s endorsement during his own 2012 presidential run, and that he subsequently lobbied Mr. Trump to appoint him U.S. Secretary of State after the latter became President, she replied: “Well, he probably just wanted to keep an eye on that phony Trump. I mean, once he was turned down by Trump, Mitt returned to his old, usual, consistent self: a kinda moderate conservative, bitter NeverTrumper, always looking out for #1… you know, like Jesus would be if He were here today.”

“And now he’s bravely ruined his career in the Republican party—which already hated him, of course—in voting to convict Trump. I just hope he can do something to endear himself with the mainstream media or liberals in Washington so he can have some sort of career after his term ends in 2025. Hmmmm….”

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