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Bill Kauffman is the author of nine books, among them Ain’t My America; Look Homeward, America, which the American Library Association named one of the best books of 2006; and Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette, which won the 2003 national Sense of Place Award from Writers & Books. Mr. Kauffman writes for the Wall Street Journal, the American Conservative, and Orion, among other publications.

Killing the Umpires: Technology and Baseball

By |2019-09-05T23:54:47-06:00September 5th, 2019|Categories: Baseball, Culture, Sports|

Now we might have computers that transmit their ball-and-strike calls via an iPhone to an earpiece worn by the home-plate human umpire. With the flip of a switch, one of the richest traditions in a tradition-rich sport—arguing, disputing, and hooting at the umpire, as well as adjusting to his finely calibrated (or maddeningly arbitrary) [...]

Andrew Jackson Unconquered

By |2019-03-14T22:48:45-06:00March 14th, 2019|Categories: American West, Character, History, Politics|

Andrew Jackson’s reputation is drifting down, down, down, like a sere autumn leaf. Whereas in 1948, the first year of Arthur Schlesinger Sr.’s poll of historians, Old Hickory ranked sixth among the presidents, in recent surveys by a variety of sponsors he has dropped into the midteens. It seems only a matter of time [...]