Thomas More on Conscience, Courage, & the Comedy of Politics

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As the gulf between classical and postmodern notions of conscience and government grows ever wider and their clashes more explosive, it is high time for the jury to give renewed attention to the nuances of Thomas More’s understanding of the apparently competing, but ultimately harmonious, demands of divine, natural, and human law… In August of 1534 Margaret [...]

Anthony Esolen: A Thomas More for Our Times

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In dark days we all need saints and heroes to inspire us. There is no doubt that we live in very dark days, and there is equally no doubt that Anthony Esolen is a great inspiration. It is not for any of us to canonize him, claiming that he is a saint, but anyone [...]

The Utopia of Thomas More: A Contemporary Battleground

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By thinking through the limits and possibilities of political life, as presented in Utopia, the careful reader imitates Cicero and Thomas More by preparing for politics through the careful study of great literature… “The struggle is not merely over an iso­lated work of genius but over a whole culture”—so says Stephen Greenblatt about Thomas [...]

The English Way of Humanism

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A forgotten book is always a tragedy, but a found book is always a treasure. Well, something like this. (It is probably a good thing I never worked for Hallmark!) Yet, I hope you take my intended sentiment. There exist exceptions, of course. A book of dark magic or of fascism is best left [...]

Thomas More: Virtuous Statesman

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Thomas More on Statesmanship, by Gerard Wegemer. If there is one historical figure whose life and work most closely resembled that of Sir Thomas More, it would likely be the Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero. As some scholars have noted, Cicero, like More, was a statesman highly honored by Renaissance humanists for his many admirable qualities. He was a successful barrister, a [...]

Christian Humanism and The Common Mind

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The Common Mind:  Politics, Society and Christian Humanism from Thomas More to Russell Kirk, Andre Gushurst-Moore, Angelico Press, 2013 Andre Gushurst-Moore’s The Common Mind is a fine addition to the Angelico list. As the subtitle indicates, this is a broad-themed book, encompassing politics, society, and religion. But the key is Christian Humanism—the tradition of thought [...]