True Love: Passionate Reason versus Romantic Feeling

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Oh, love to some is like a cloud, To some as strong as steel, For some a way of living, For some a way to feel, And some say love is holding on And some say letting go, And some say love is everything And some say they don’t know.   John Denver (Perhaps [...]

Ecology in Light of Integral Human Development

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Integral human development sets the context within which alone an adequate approach to ecology can be conceived. In what follows, I will focus on the key principles of this proposal in terms of the habits of presence demanded by the generosity inherent in creation. The term ecology, as is well-known, comes from the Greek [...]

The Three Kinds of Hope: The Radiance of Being

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The Radiance of Being: Dimensions of Cosmic Christianity (Angelico Press, 2013) Probably the majority in the environmental movement do not see the relevance of mysticism, or personal virtue and morality, to the great issues of our day. To them it is merely a technological or political challenge. They will try to get their hands on [...]

To See A World

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To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour. —William Blake, “To See a World…” I’ve never had strong feelings about Thanksgiving. It’s not a religious feast day, so the rituals associated with it [...]

The Religion of Money

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Modern society is based on the idea of economic growth, a continually expanding cycle of expectation (which supplies the motivation to drive the economy forward), trade leading to income, income leading to consumption and investment. This expansion is made possible by improvements in technology making possible cheaper production (machines replacing slaves and eventually workers) [...]

Charity in Truth and The Rise of the Machines

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We seem to be haunted by the fear of our machinery and what it is doing to us, or what might happen when it goes wrong. According to landmarks of popular culture such as the Terminator and Matrix movies and Battlestar Galactica, sooner or later the machines will turn upon us. They will use [...]