Even The English Knew The Constitution Made Secession Legal

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A recent temper tantrum made its way onto the editorial pages of the NY Times by Louis Michael Seidman, a man claiming to be a professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University titled “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution”. In this dystopian view of the founding of our current union turned mobocracy, Seidman points [...]

Robert Nisbet and the Rise of the Machines

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We have surrendered what once was a grand community here in these United States. Robert Nisbet writes about this in his book Quest for Community. It’s not just the digital ones and zeroes and the availability of the DVD drive, the unavailability and who it is that’s serving ads to you. There’s always something [...]

The Founding Fathers Made The Presidency For Washington; Letter of Pierce Butler

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Americans have recently declared the election of 2012 for the Presidency the “most important election of our lifetimes” and that is just the hype. Without ever considering how one man among 309 million acquired such enormous powers in what is billed as the “greatest country ever in the history of man” remains a unaddressed [...]

The Wisdom of John Taylor of Caroline

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John Taylor of Caroline During a recent meeting of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters in Baltimore this summer, radio personality and [r]epublican man of virtue, Mike Church, called for a revival and remembrance of the thought of John Taylor of Caroline. Perhaps, Church persuasively argued, we might very well find some answers and solutions [...]

My Tour of the RNC: “Money For Nuthin & Your Chicks For Free”

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Warned John Taylor in his “Inquiry Into The Principles of the Gov’t of the United States”  “[The powerful Executive branch]…converts representation into vassalage to the leaders of parties, disciplined, not by the comparatively honourable infliction of the lash, but by the base and wicked sophism, that it is honourable to stick to a party, [...]

Mike Church & Winston Elliott discuss Conservatism, Russell Kirk and the Humane Economy

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MANDEVILLE, LA – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – Today we have an exclusive, almost HOUR LONG, interview with Winston Elliott III. In the interview Winston and Mike discuss the Humane Economy, why true Conservatives shouldn’t make everything about dollars and cents, and Conservatism vs Republicanism. (Hear the complete audio here. The essay discussed in the interview is [...]

Saving America From Empire: a round table discussion

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20 December, 2011 In today's final episode of the 2011 Post Show Show, host Mike Church welcomes Prof. Brad Birzer and Winston Elliott, III of The Imaginative Conservative to a round-table discussion of the American Empire and how it may be possible to bring it back in line with the Constitution and the republican way of life/tradition [...]

Prof. Birzer on Russell Kirk and a Humble Foreign Policy

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Click here for Audio file NEW ORLEANS, LA. – Professor Bradley Birzier the author of “American Cicero” joins Mike Church on the DudeMaker Hotline to discuss the father of modern conservatism Russell Kirk and his view on a humble foreign policy. Bradley J. Birzer is the Russell Amos Kirk Chair in History and Director [...]

Mike Church and Winston Elliott, III: A Discussion about Responsibility

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I recently enjoyed a great discussion with Mike Church on his national radio show. We talked about the responsibility of citizens in a republic, foreign and military policy, and increasing liberty through limiting the national government to its constitutional powers outlined in Article 1, Section 8. Here’s the link to the audio of the [...]

Ronald Reagan LOVED Constitution Day

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President Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan LOVED the Constitution and in fact, issued Constitution Day Proclamations on every Sept. 17th that he was in office! Were it only so today. Most people will give some sort of “really, today is the Constitution’s Birthday!? Yeah, whatever” or “…. hmmm, that’s cool” response when learning of [...]