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Rediscovering Christopher Dawson | An Interview with Dr. Bradley J. Birzer

In the mid-twentieth century, English historian Christopher Dawson (1889-1970) was widely considered to be one of the finest Catholic scholars in the English-speaking world. Today his name and work is largely unknown, even among Catholics. But that is beginning to change as Dawson is being discovered and recovered by a number of writers and historians. [...]

A Eulogy for the Liberal Arts?

[The following are responses by Brad Birzer, Robert Woods, Lou Markos and Andrew Seeley to a New York Times op-ed by David Brooks. Mr. Brooks offered a heartfelt quasi-eulogy for the liberal arts. The original essay may be found here.] Brad Birzer For those of us who have been blessed to be a [...]

The Awful Humanity of Russell Kirk

[The following is a speech given to the Hillsdale College faculty, April 3, 2013. These faculty forums allow a Hillsdale professor to explain and consider his or her current scholarship. My presentation, “The Awful Humanity of Russell Kirk,” comes from the research I’ve been doing for an intellectual biography of the great man himself, Russell [...]

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