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Russell Kirk, Myth and Meaning in the Writing of American History

America is the land of progress, speculative, contingent, pragmatic, experimental, traditionless. An American conservatism, accordingly, is oxymoronic, blundering, graceless, and embarrassing in a society devoted to change and forgetful of the past. “The storybook truth about American history,” began Louis Hartz in The Liberal Tradition in America, is that the country “was settled by men who [...]

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In Honor of Russell Kirk

In the book of Ecclesiasticus it is written: “Let us now praise famous men, and our fathers that begat us.” Today I propose to honor the memory of a famous man, a man who earned his fame by writing about those who, in an intellectual and spiritual sense, were our fathers. In the great chain of being [...]

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Russell Kirk as a Political Theorist

Born on October 19, 1918, in Plymouth, Michigan, the son of Russell and Marjorie Kirk, Russell Amos Kirk was destined to become the principal intellectual founder of the American conservative movement in the post-World War II era. Graduating from Michigan State College (now University) in 1940, he received his Master’s degree from Duke University in [...]

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Russell Kirk: Champion of the Permanent Things

It seems everybody is looking for better answers to today’s problems; we want a revelation. But the problem is; we are reluctant to accept the superior answers and revelations which have already been ratified by the entire human experience. Although there are no shortcuts to wisdom, in this Information Age, the House of Wisdom is [...]

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