James Madison’s Nonsense-Coup Against Montesquieu

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In the post-Constitutional American order of 2013, one hears increasingly frequent reference among everyday conservatives to “the real Constitution.” This entails popular references to the Framers, to the late 1780s, and even to the political-science classics being referenced by the Framers in the late 1780s. One rightly designates it a good thing. However, a [...]

Why Vampires and Zombies are So Popular with Secular Humanists

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The cultural phenomenon is undeniable: vampire and zombie phantasmagoria is in its heyday, especially among Gen-Xers and younger. The dis-ensouled human form, both the high (the vampire) and the low (the zombie), has swept the nation in movies, TV shows, books, graphic novels, and even spoofs. The vampire has become the golden boy for [...]