Saving Christian Civilization Through Eros

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What I behold today is a Western world of “tolerance” and homosexual-inspired androgyny, so morally bankrupt and decadent that even the natural, primitive sexual appetites that make women attractive for men have been erased. It has come to this: Conservatives must now begin the restoration of civilization by promoting erotic love in order to [...]

Reflections of a Conservative Democrat

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Democrats must return to that foundation which tempered all of their earlier radicalism and channeled it to relatively productive political conduct: Christianity. All revolutions are amoral and sadistic—the French, the Bolshevik, the Nazi revolution… Social movements are born from Christ’s teaching to love thy neighbor, but all revolutions renounce Christ. —Stanisław Cat Mackiewicz, Years [...]

The New West: Poland, America, and Christianity

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Editor’s Note: Contributor Peter S. Rieth has transcribed below his interview with Michal Krupa, the deputy director of the Polish National Party, concerning relations among Poland, the United States, the European Union, France, and Russia.  Peter S. Rieth: You hosted President Trump’s candidate for the US ambassador to the EU, Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, [...]

A Polite Warning to the French President

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Real Europeans see history as a battle: first, to organize human life in accordance with national and popular principles, with traditions and habits; and second, not to be ruled by even the most perfect ideas thought up by foreigners… Author’s Note: French President Macron had harsh words for Poland, threatening the country with sanctions. [...]

Eastward Expansion to Save the European Union

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To save itself, Western Europe must flood itself with the vitality of Eastern European culture. The alternative is that Western Europe will continue to wither away and die… ‘The Slav Epic’ cycle No.18: ‘The Oath of Omladina under the Slavic Linden Tree,’ by Alfons Mucha I have spent at least the last [...]

The Pope’s Address in Rome: What the Critics Missed

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Pope Francis believes the remedy for Europe’s woes is a return to its humanist Christian cultural core. It is a noble vision, but one wonders to what extent it is realistic… Editor’s Note: Pope Francis delivered this address to “the heads of state and government of the European Union in Italy for the celebration [...]

In Defense of Citizenship: The Silent Issue in the Immigration Debate

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The citizen and the legal immigrant are superior; the non-citizen and the illegal immigrant are inferior. To view the two as equals is the definition of national suicide… As one of many Americans whose citizenship is derivative of the legal immigration and naturalization procedures of the United States of America, it is particularly distressing [...]

Tom Sawyer: Hero of Middle America?

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To ask boys and girls to read Tom Sawyer nowadays may be perceived as cruelty to children. To ask adults to take the book seriously is to risk being called a racist. As with most liberal learning, Tom Sawyer is slowly being relegated to university studies. This speaks badly of both schools and universities... Any [...]

The Americanism of FDR & Donald Trump

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What FDR called “the conception of Americanism” is far more important than the conception of “conservatism” or “liberalism”—and it is this same conception that President Donald Trump carries into office with him now… Conservatism, being a disposition rather than an ideology, has many shades of practical meaning. We find it sometimes in places least [...]

The German Destiny in European Affairs

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“Being German,” wrote Thomas Mann, “means culture, soul, freedom, art and not civilization, society, the right to vote.” Following the collapse of Europe in 1945, a new Germany has risen from the rubble of Europe’s historic capitals and as the centennial of Mann’s brilliant analysis draws near, one wonders whether today we ought to [...]

On Belarus: A Martyrdom & a Model for the West

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The young woman closed her eyes on the night just prior to her wedding and found herself being addressed by Mary, the Mother of God. The young woman was promised a wedding in a red dress. She dutifully and tearfully left her fiancé and embarked upon a life of prayer in search of the answer [...]

Can the Supreme Court Help Us Understand Brexit?

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To understand the result of the British referendum to leave the European Union it is enough to read the US Supreme Court decision, issued on the same day as the British referendum. The Court’s decision is a classic work of American federalism. The one sentence ruling is easily intelligible to all citizens. It correctly [...]

Orthodox Christianity in Slavophilic Thought

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The conservative, by definition, is an opponent of utopia and utopianism. His bedrock is tradition. His thought, though certainly abstract by the practical standards of capitalist democracy, is rooted in history and recognizes that even if it were desirable to lift one foot forward, in order to do it, our second foot must first [...]

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