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If you are interested in submitting to The Imaginative Conservative, please first send a short summary of your proposed essay and a short professional biography to the editorial board. Proposed essays should be on subjects of interest to readers of The Imaginative Conservative. We prefer essays in the range of 1,500—3,500 words, though longer essays will be considered.

Please note that if you have not been previously published in The Imaginative Conservative, we ask that you only submit one essay at a time and that you wait for a publication decision before submitting a second.

We insist on maintaining a tone of civility in our journal. Though we appreciate sharp humor, please keep in mind that part of our mission is to raise the tone of intellectual exchange and to persuade, not alienate, others. Thus, for instance, ideas or people prospective authors object to are generally not to be deemed “evil” or “insane.” We keep in mind the Biblical injunction to “come, let us reason together.”

Please note that we reserve the exclusive right to choose titles for all our essays, and that our policy is not to return prepared essays to authors for final approval, unless there are major changes made to content.

Finally, keep in mind that we generally avoid essays written in the first-person voice that relate personal experiences of the author, as we believe that our readers are primarily interested in the subjects and stories of the essays themselves, rather than the life of the storyteller.