On the Twelfth Day of Christmas: Belloc & Eliot on Twelfth Night & Epiphany

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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas two of my great loves sent to me a couple of great meditations on the mystery of the Nativity. The first and better-known meditation is by T.S. Eliot, whose “Journey of the Magi” places the poet in the entourage of the Three Wise Men as they journey to [...]


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The Summer Sun has burned the crop of wheat. The ears of corn have ripened on the stalk. We pick and grind them to make a treat Formed from the four elements; yet we balk: […]

Tom Joad and the Quest for an American Eden

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In the course of telling the story of a people and a country in “The Grapes of Wrath,” John Steinbeck offers an unforgettable evaluation of the American desire to enter the Promised Land. But Steinbeck’s garden is Eden after the fall dominated by the expectation of hardship, suffering, and death. In such a world, [...]

Dickens and America

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Charles Dickens loved the “idea” of America so much that, as with so many idealized romances, his beloved could not quite live up to his high expectations. G. K. Chesterton, that archetypal Englishman—he really could not be imagined as any other nationality—wrote probably the best biography of another quintessential Englishman, Charles Dickens. Chesterton’s biography is [...]

The Poetry and Particularity of Mary

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At the Annunciation, in a room in Nazareth, the fresh innocence of Eve is recapitulated, but in a new configuration. This is the nature of creation: that all things general, to become real, must become particular. It should therefore not come as a surprise that God Himself should also take particular flesh from a particular [...]

“Greening the Church”

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We bring into the church the evergreen, Fresh boughs of trees that last all winter long. And as we place them round, we sing a song About peace on earth, goodwill to men. We set them up to decorate, it seems, To bring some festive Christmas cheer along. […]

“Promenade on the Nevsky Prospekt”

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This gentleman evidently belonged to the category of those people who wish the Government to interfere in everything, even in their daily quarrels with their wives. —”The Nose” by Nikolai Gogol Braving the blust’ring blizzarding snow, lo, I am the poet Zhivago buffeted by this fierce maelstrom sent by grim Russian wintry discontent. [...]

Coronavirus and Science Fiction: Dying With Drama

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In the year 793, Catholic monks made the following report, all of it disturbing: In this dire year portents appeared over Northumbria and sorely frightened the people. They consisted of immense whirlwinds and flashes of lightning, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air. A great famine immediately followed those signs, and a [...]


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We shall meet again Whether in this life or the next I will always find my way to you No matter where I shall go Whether it be Beyond the flat plains, or Beyond the soaring mountains, or Beyond the seven seas […]

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