edmund burkeThe scholarly journal Studies in Burke and His Time appeared originally, under the title The Burke Newsletter, in 1959. In 2002, the newly established Edmund Burke Society of America decided to revive the title, which had by then been in abeyance for some years, and, since that time, three issues (2005, 2007, and 2011) have appeared, retaining an impressive, transatlantic collection of contributions from Burke specialists and eighteenth-century scholars.

Recently, the journal Studies in Burke and His Time has entered a fresh period of transition—this time to an annual, online format. This transition, supported through the generous assistance of the Russell Kirk Center, Michigan, and the Educational Reviewer, Inc., will proceed in step with the relaunch of the Edmund Burke Society’s website, of which a free-access, printable version of the journal is a key component.

The structure of the new website now being in place, we are preparing to collate and upload our next issue, Vol. 23 (2013), which includes articles from Dr. Aaron Hoffman, Dr. Elizabeth Lambert, Dr. Jeffrey O. Nelson, and Dr. Joseph L. Pappin III, and reviews of recent publications that focus particularly on the place of Edmund Burke and his writings in the genesis and maturing of a modern conservative intellectual tradition in the West.

The website and journal are linked to the Russell Kirk Center website at www.kirkcenter.org.

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