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Andrew Thornton-Norris is the author of The Spiritual History of English, described by The Times as "an enjoyable, erudite and cohesive journey through the history and philosophy of English literature in 150 pithily written pages." He is also an accomplished poet praised by such authors as David Yezzi, Fiona Sampson, Alison Brackenbury, John Powell Ward, Aidan Nichols and Roger Scruton. He has his own website at

The Pressing

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The Pressing   I have preserved the flowers that you gave In lines of verse as precious as the day On which you gave them now they are dry as The ink on paper thin on which they lay These words will last as we and they do pass And faith in words keeps bitter [...]

The Lost Souls of Suburbia

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The Lost Souls of Suburbia   See here the lost souls of suburbia The city stretching distant seems to be A forest full of rain that's lost in its Immense incomprehensibility   Of whose interior there is no map Nor way back out from being lost inside Bewilderment provides no place to hide The only [...]


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Lupercalia You are the light of morning, moonlight of The night, the universe of stars beyond, the sound Of birdsong of my walking out and back Again, the roaring fireplace of my home, My heartsease, lily of my valley, hope Of dawn, and peace and joy of eventide, The light of life and hope of [...]