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As I sat beside the fire A chill descended upon the room The remnants of a funeral pyre A guide as if from fabled Tyre. A spirit from beyond the pale Standing in the dim lit night Aged and beautiful seemed her fate Her visage a grim and fearful light. […]

Percy Bysshe Shelley’s Spring Wisdom: “To a Skylark”

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Appreciating poetry begins with finding poetry you like, poems you’re drawn to, poems that resonate and delight. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I most enjoy the Romantics or those moderns who have a romantic flair. As the seasons change, and spring breaks from winter, I especially delight in the work of [...]

“The Nihilism of the Empty Tomb”

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They seek him here; they seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven?—Is he in hell? That damned, elusive Pimpernel!  —The Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Orczy “Come now, let us be reasonable men as befits us in this epoch, this age, of enlightenment. If such it be, then why must we continue [...]

“Evening Flight”

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The sun appeared to linger long and low Upon the western sea of clouds that day, And for a moment draw the soul away To sacred places only spirits know— Where from some source of beauty, seem to flow Eternal mysteries of things unseen, That somehow we can briefly glimpse between This light, and [...]

“Ballade of Unintended Consequences”

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They wanted the whole world to be A fairer place for big and small; In line with this, embraced Modernity And even when the novelty began to pall – To give them credit – never ceased to call For equal outcomes, and to bat Away the critics of ‘one size fits all’; It wasn’t [...]

“Ballade of Self-Promotion”

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She is the subject of her Art, Her history is dark and drear, Her brutalistic installations chart Her violent upbringing; year by year They recapitulate events severe; At every autobiographic stage They wring a sympathetic tear; She is The Flower of the Modern Age. In exhibitions she will play her part, Photographers cannot get near; [...]

Eliot and Irons

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Hearing T.S. Eliot's poems read brings us back to the haunting beauty of the words themselves, and hearing the words unlocks Eliot’s powerful imagery, just as he would have wanted. Jeremy Irons' classic rendition empowers this strange transaction, and through the words we are taken beyond the words to the realm of the Word. Those [...]

“Ride this one out”

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Ride this one out, as you have done before. Batten down what can be battened. Reef What can be reefed, avoid the white sea-shore, Do not expect a rescue or relief. Endurance is its own kind of relief. The other ships are sinking. You must be Hope’s light for them, the north star of belief, [...]

“Ballade of Assisted Suicide”

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He’d had that thing for years – some dreadful woe – I can’t remember what it’s called – I guess he’d had enough, although I don’t know all the details. Was he bald? I haven’t seen him for a while; he crawled Into the doctor’s once, all short of breath; I would have helped [...]

A Foray Into Metaphysical Poetry With John Donne

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Something about the way in which metaphysical poetry engages the mind is unique to this style of verse. A combination of relatable simplicity with conceptual eclecticism renders it into a form of expression that can be deeply and personally felt by the reader, but only once he works through the poet’s intricate analogies and [...]

A Sonnet for Saint Valentine

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Here is a sonnet I composed in honour of the original St. Valentine. I notice some Facebook posts implying that as an early Christian martyr he has nothing to do with Romantic Love and should be dissociated from it. I believe that on the contrary there is every reason why he should be the [...]