“Stations of the Cross”

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Station I “Take up your cross and follow me,” you said. We couldn’t know then exactly what you meant, But then they placed the thorns upon your head, And mocked you for their mirthless merriment. Condemned you did not fight their condemnation, While they passed you back and forth like a child’s game. […]

The Ancient Liberty of Milton’s Epic Verse

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John Milton’s “ancient liberty” is not the liberalism of Thomas Hobbes or John Locke, where the telos governing human liberty is dispensed with. Rather, “Paradise Lost” cultivates Christian virtues by reclaiming an ancient liberty within the traditional epic verse form and by returning to that which is first or most ancient: Divine Will. The opening [...]

“The Gift of Lilies”

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If angels plucked up blossoms In endless, light-drowned skies, With curved sextuple petals Glowing radiant white, Pearlescent in noon’s light, They shine before my eyes. […]

“St. Patrick”

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In dreams you heard your mournful captors’ cry, Calling you to be Christ where you once suffered. Your heart was opened for them, it was not buffered, But porous, taking them and leading them high Above and beyond their druidical sense of the sky […]


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Walking along the paved street Early morning in mid March. The early spring hint, beaten back By insolent winter rampage. Stopping, buttoning coat, Looking downward, Toward buttons and shoes. Stooping, spying something familiar In the unfamiliar winter gasp. Warm hands gathering it. Uplifting what cannot move. Cupping it in soft palms, nail wounds Nearly healed, now healing the [...]

“Modern Dreams: Twilight Dreams”

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She looked at me with all the mystery of twilight stars; She spoke in words I thought only the stars could glean. She smiled with lips as precious as sweet Sappho’s’ lips, Although her eyes gleamed like an ancient sibyl’s eyes— […]

“Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl”

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The sun that brief December day Rose cheerless over hills of gray, And, darkly circled, gave at noon A sadder light than waning moon. Slow tracing down the thickening sky Its mute and ominous prophecy, A portent seeming less than threat, It sank from sight before it set. A chill no coat, however stout, Of [...]

“Madame Medusa”

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Girl With A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer Look at me not, Yet I persistently stare. Eye contact would be fatal: Flush flesh would freeze into rough rock. Perseus thought he slayed me — That was a myth. […]

America’s First Poet, Anne Bradstreet: A Progressive Conservative

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As a settler in seventeenth-century New England and as a female poet, Anne Bradstreet was a trailblazer. A progressive female poet, she also took delight in her role as wife and mother, while remaining committed to her conservative Puritan theology and beliefs. Anne Bradstreet (1612–1672) was a pioneer in two ways: She was a pioneering [...]

“Two Hearts”

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Two hearts beat in two separate breasts, Two separate souls with separate quests, Each to each unseen, unknown. They beat alone. They beat alone. […]

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