“Bird, Gift”

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You hold the bird with open hands Until it flies to distant lands. You love when it returns again, Within your palm, you see it then, But if you try to tightly grasp This gift, embrace it, hold it fast, You lose it by its being too near— By being free, it is more [...]

Constancy and Coleridge

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As Samuel Taylor Coleridge expresses in his poem “Constancy to an Ideal Object,” we might find in art the most constants, idealized in our creations, which piece together some meaning of truth amid a world of change where it might appear that nothing has meaning. Although this essay will be about Samuel Taylor Coleridge [...]

Late and Soon

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The pervasive “world” is a man-made complex of ambitions and obligations, a dense social and cultural and financial web that captures us and estranges our experience from the primal realities of earth and sky. We need to remind ourselves of the blessedness that can come even in the midst of the busiest days, that [...]


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The mother finds joy in untangling The necklaces. She pulls the silver strands, Unbraiding gently, as if it is her Young daughter’s hair after a day Outdoors. Time is of little importance: […]

“Fire and Ice”

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Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. The Imaginative Conservative applies the [...]

“Andreas” & the Redemptive Possibilities of the Past

By |2020-08-26T11:17:09-05:00August 27th, 2020|Categories: Christianity, Faith, History, Literature, Poetry|

In the Old English poem, “Andreas,” the fate of the old giant-work and the fate of the pagans were linked. The pagan stones became the site of a church—not only because of the miraculous flood, but because of the faith of the Apostle Andrew in the redemptive possibilities of the past. In the context [...]

“Poetry and Postulancy”

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We are not all meant for meter, she says. Still, you try on order like a vestment; Long, sober, and reliable, it fits, Or doesn’t—it maddens you like slant rhyme, Like prayers that impossibly find a home Inside the swollen hours of weekdays. […]

Life After Death With the Poets

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The greatest poets, including Homer, Virgil, and Dante, ask what happens to the human soul after death. Do the dead become mere shadows of their former selves or do they become more real? The greatest poets have always asked the most important questions. One of the most important questions concerns the destiny of the [...]

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