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Claes G. Ryn is a Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative. He is professor of politics at the Catholic University of America. His books include Democracy and the Ethical Life, Will, Imagination and Reason, A Common Human Ground, America the Virtuous, and A Desperate Man. He is chairman of the National Humanities Institute, editor of Humanitas, and president of the Academy of Philosophy and Letters. He was named Honorary Professor at Beijing Normal University in 2012.

Imaginative Origins of Modernity: Life as Daydream and Nightmare

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Claes G. Ryn Intellectuals of very different persuasions relate many of society’s present troubles to so-called “modernity.” In that respect, traditionalists and postmodernists are in broad agreement. A problem with both groups is that they typically define “modernity” in a reductionistic manner, as if the modern world were moving in a single general [...]

Not by Politics Alone: Arts and Humanities

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That leading politicians wield great power nobody will deny. What is not so well understood is how limited that power is. Over time, especially, politicians are superceded by forces largely beyond their control. They must yield to those who mold the fundamental ideas and sensibilities of a people, those who affect their hopes and fears, [...]

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