About Doni M. Wilson

Dr. Doni M. Wilson is an Associate Professor of English at Houston Baptist University and has a 6th grader named Christopher. Her interests include twentieth century literature, classical music, and creative nonfiction. She is working on a book about the Pulitzer Prize winning poet Mary Oliver for the University of South Carolina Press.

Scarlet Letters, Waking Up, and Social Engineering

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My friend Tancy has a child attending school in Magnolia, Texas. I cannot think of a more idyllic name for a Texas town—and it is absolutely beautiful and tree laden—but apparently small towns have their problems too. They have rejected Rousseau and have public schools. Anyway, her child has the following assignment: she can either [...]

To My Sophomores

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Dear New Sophomore, I would call you by your first name, but I haven’t met you yet. I will, in about a week, and then I really need to know your name, because it is important to call people by their names. In fact, I am so excited to know who you are, I want [...]

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