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Tobias J. Lanz teaches politics at the University of South Carolina. He is editor of Beyond Capitalism and Socialism (IHS Press).

Toward a Conservative Conservation Movement

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  Why Conservation Is Failing and How It Can Regain Ground, by Eric T. Freyfogle. Yale University Press Environmental conservation has moved from the margin to the political mainstream in recent decades. However, despite the high profile and widespread public support of environmental issues, conservation policy has failed to achieve many of its goals. Eric Freyfogle, environmental [...]

Conservatives and the Environmental Question

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  Hard Green: Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists; A Conservative Manifesto, by Peter Huber The Greening of Conservative America, by John R.E. Bliese. These two books set out to correct the general public perception that conservatism and environmentalism are at odds. Peter Huber’s book goes even further. His manifesto argues that modern liberal environmentalism is fraudulent. [...]

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