Why Republicans Are Trying To Save Obamacare

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There is an old saying, that if Democrats were to propose burning down the White House Republicans would counter with a plan that would burn it down “better” for half the price, though it would take half again as long to accomplish. I have been reminded of this saying repeatedly over the past several weeks as [...]

The Inevitable Glitch in Obamacare

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For those of us with (just the hint of) a sadistic turn, the square-wheeled rollout of Obamacare—or, as the White House suddenly prefers, “the Affordable Care Act”—is nothing short of schadenfreudetastic. The administration long ago gave up on “glitch,” a term that never approached capturing the problems with the launch of President Obama’s signature legislative [...]

The Two Faces of Obamacare- Neither is Pretty

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Have you seen the internet ads? “Get Covered America” is literally popping up everywhere with its smiling faces, its semi-anonymous endorsements for Obamacare, and its offers to “help you on your journey to get covered.” At least there is some honesty, there. Far from a point and click process, let alone the semi-automatic process promised [...]

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