Why Republicans Are Trying To Save Obamacare

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There is an old saying, that if Democrats were to propose burning down the White House Republicans would counter with a plan that would burn it down “better” for half the price, though it would take half again as long to accomplish. I have been reminded of this saying repeatedly over the past several weeks [...]

The Inevitable Glitch in Obamacare

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For those of us with (just the hint of) a sadistic turn, the square-wheeled rollout of Obamacare—or, as the White House suddenly prefers, “the Affordable Care Act”—is nothing short of schadenfreudetastic. The administration long ago gave up on “glitch,” a term that never approached capturing the problems with the launch of President Obama’s signature [...]

The Two Faces of Obamacare- Neither is Pretty

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Have you seen the internet ads? “Get Covered America” is literally popping up everywhere with its smiling faces, its semi-anonymous endorsements for Obamacare, and its offers to “help you on your journey to get covered.” At least there is some honesty, there. Far from a point and click process, let alone the semi-automatic process [...]

Kalos Kagathos: A Fine Soul in a Fine Body

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One of the political sentiments at the root of socialist democracy is resentment masquerading as justice. Nietzsche, more than any philosopher, made perhaps the best possible observations on this subject. What Nietzsche did not make, however, was an ouvre on the subject of horsemanship or gymnastics. Why? It appears to me, following many years [...]

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