Below is the December Macworld Cover planned for December 2011 issue. Enough said.

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  1. Dear Anonymous Troll:

    Jobs was a human being. Show some respect. De mortuis nil nisi bonum. He wasn't perfect, but neither are you. He ran a good company and invented some excellent products. He and Gates pioneered the invention of the personal computer, the device you are spinelessly using right now to post anonymously.

    As Dr. Birzer is wont to say, posting anonymously in an online forum, especially this one, shows a dearth of virtue. I would add that it also shows a lack of testosterone.

  2. I agree about anonymous posts; this is not a dictatorship. One should have the courage of one's convicitons. Anonymous (and often lying) trolls are repugnant and often uncivil. It is also bad to use phoney names though I understand why someone might use an assumed name at times. At least they are not anonymous and usually are honest enough to admit they are using a moniker or ask me not to reveal who they are (when I know perfectly well who they are).As for Steven Jobs he was a hard-nosed and successful businessman. As far as I know he did not murder anyone or force anyone to commit suicide or starve therefore he was not a tyrant. Fidel Castro is a tyrant; we should resevere such words of opprobium for those who really deserve it. Steve Jobs, American entrepreneur, RIP

  3. Oh, pish. This is Trent Demarest. My blog handle comes up when I post with my pseudonym, and it's a live link that will take you to my blog. Not hard to find out who I am.

    Richard, happy to run into you on these here interwebs. I, too, am a schoolteacher. I live and work in Alexandria, VA, where I teach Latin and humanities at a parochial Lutheran school.

  4. Really? You men are funny.

    Jobs personifies entrepreneurship. He was definitely free market to the extreme. Didn't even allow matching charitable contributions. A week after his death, it was instituted at Apple. Go Jobs! Rest in peace.
    I am sure millions of people will be dissecting his life and decisions for the next year.
    Mr. Birzer, Why just the photo and no comment?

  5. Richard, Trent, and Matermax, thanks for the posts. My own thoughts are expressed in the title. The cover captures Jobs perfectly. Pensive, intense, creative, his own man. And, Trent is right–he was a man with all the flaws of a man. He was also a man with gifts that had yet to be seen on this earth. He pursued excellence in every one of his business endeavors. This should be, in my opinion, recognized and praised. Admittedly, I've been a fan since 1984. Anonymous, you're right, he's not a conservative. But, he was the epitome of imaginative. The world is a better and more humane place because of him and his many efforts.

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