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Edwin Benson

Edwin Benson
Edwin Benson has taught high school history for thirty-three years. Since 2002, he has taught at North Harford High School in Harford County, Maryland. Mr. Benson holds an M.A. degree in U.S. Business and Economic History and an M.S. in Educational Leadership. He is the author of the recently published Can America's Schools be Saved?
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For many ethical progressives, there is an absence of active malice. They are most likely to see their own condescension as a kind of empathy for the less fortunate. Their goal is to help the poor and working classes escape the forces that progressives see as oppressing...
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If John Dewey’s theories had been accurate, it should have been the beginning of a bright new age of understanding. Instead, the world of the young has become uglier and increasingly self-centered... The story of...