A Connecticut Yankee and the Failure of Progressivism

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No writer so early recognized and so credibly exposed the dangerous inadequacies concealed in the Progressive world view than did Mark Twain in his sardonic novel A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. I. By 1912, the triumph of Progressivism was complete. Both Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt had advertised themselves as Progressive candidates, [...]

Victimology 101: Rousseau, Victimhood, and Safe-Spaces

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Many liberals maintain that they themselves are victims. Where does this belief come from? And why would anyone want to be a victim? To understand the origins of victimhood, we must understand the work and thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the godfather and patron saint of liberalism… Candace Owens, an African American woman, is a [...]

Changing Place Names: Erasing History or Making Progress?

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In the name of progress, what other pieces of history will have to be wiped out? Lacking—here in the North—both statues to topple and a Calhoun to castigate, what can we do to get with the march of history? Or should that be the march against history? Or the march to eliminate history? Tucked [...]

The Tyranny of History

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Those who weaponize history and language to fit their ideological vision know no boundaries in any matters. Enthralled by the phantoms of their psyche, they become the blind tyrants who destroy this real world for the fantasy of their world to come… It has become customary for moderns to hear the phrase “the right [...]

Christopher Dawson and the Nature of Progress

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An understanding of progress and its adherents was not just of academic curiosity to Christopher Dawson. It was central to understanding the good life and preventing those who misunderstood history from gaining control and imposing the will of man upon the creation of God… “What has happened will happen again, and what has been [...]

The Diversity Delusion: Race and Gender in Our Universities

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Heather Mac Donald has written a no-holds-barred attack on the modern American university, where the absence of courage is only the tip of a very large and menacing iceberg… The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture by Heather Mac Donald (288 pages, St. Martin’s Press, 2018) This [...]

Populism & Progressivism: Then & Now

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With the Trump presidency now well underway, an inescapable historical irony deserves to be noted. If there was a time in our history—and there was—when progressivism bested populism, this is a moment when populism has returned the favor. To be sure, the populism of today is not exactly the same version of populism that [...]

Christianity and Progress

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Although Christians cannot be above the fray because we are part of it—called and commanded to love our neighbours, and even our enemies—we are nonetheless beyond the fray in the sense that we are called to something beyond it… “My own view is that Christianity is all about progress,” wrote ‘Eric’ in a comment [...]

Progressive American Imperialism: A Malicious Addiction

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Our heritage of foreign intervention is a new one, an innovation introduced by the progressives. To imagine a clean and humane progressivism is, simply, a fool’s errand. There is no such thing as a non-racist and non-imperialist progressivism… Just how much imperialism is in the DNA—so to write—of the American character? When Frederick Jackson Turner [...]

What Is a Progressive?

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For many ethical progressives, there is an absence of active malice. They are most likely to see their own condescension as a kind of empathy for the less fortunate. Their goal is to help the poor and working classes escape the forces that progressives see as oppressing the poor and powerless… For those of [...]

The Once and Future Liberal: After Identity Politics

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This “once and future liberal,” Mark Lilla, is actually a progressive in disguise. To be sure, he is also a progressive who doesn’t like some of what progressivism has wrought and some of what progressivism has become; hence, his hope that he has sufficiently camouflaged himself as a liberal… The Once and Future Liberal: [...]

C. S. Lewis: Critic of Progressivism

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While most of us associate C.S. Lewis with theological literature, the renowned author sounded the siren against progressivism’s clear dangers not only to the political rights and liberties of man, but also to our very perception of the reality of mankind… C.S. Lewis: World-renowned author, philosopher, theologian. Christian apologist. Mere mention of his name [...]

Irving Babbitt vs. Progressivism

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Progressives lack imagination, and, in their desire to create a world made in their image, they can only mimic what they see with straight, sterile lines… When considering that Thomas Jefferson delivered his first inaugural address in 1801—perhaps the finest statement up to that point in history on the dignity of the Western and [...]