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George Orwell

George Orwell
George Orwell was an English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic. He is considered to be one of the most influential English writers of the twentieth century and is best known for his seminal novel 1984.
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  "The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” –George Orwell Books on the topic of this essay may be found in The Imaginative Conservative Bookstore.
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"You think, I daresay, that our chief job is inventing new words. But not a bit of it! We’re destroying words— scores of them, hundreds of them, every day. We’re cutting the language right down...
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George Orwell Before the swallow, before the daffodil, and not much later than the snowdrop, the common toad salutes the coming of spring after his own fashion, which is to emerge from...