Three Dangerous Philosophical Novels

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In a culture in which algorithms control the content we consume—what movies to watch, what goods to buy, what news to listen to—the choice to read a book whose philosophy opposes our own and questions our sacred assumptions is nothing short of revolutionary... “I choose novels that let me turn my brain off,” a student [...]

George Orwell: The Forgotten Prophet

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George Orwell’s 1984 was so successful and so influential that he was seen as something of a prophet. This dystopian novel was considered a cautionary prophecy of what would come to pass if future generations ceased to be vigilant in the guarding of their freedom... Someone to claim us, someone to follow Someone to shame [...]

Definitions and Their Discontents

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Words are not static. They are dynamic. Like the birth of a child, there remains always something mysterious, even miraculous, about the birth of a thought and about the words we use to bring that thought into being… Perhaps Johnny Mercer has already and long ago settled the gentlemanly epistemological debate that has emerged [...]

Diversity and Doublethink

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The modern university’s idea of “diversity” excludes all dissident opinions to the one accepted definition of “diversity” which it “values”… We live in strange and ominous times in which coherence and cohesiveness have been replaced by newspeak and doublethink. As readers of George Orwell’s 1984 will know, newspeak is the corruption of language, and [...]

Nationalism and Patriotism

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We should see the nations of the world as distinct and beautiful flowers in the garden of culture. It is the love of this uniqueness of each nation which should inspire all lovers of national integrity to fight against the globalized monoculture that the globalist Imperium wishes to impose… In his essay “Towards Patriotism: [...]

Relentless Rationalists: Creating Hell for Humanity

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The Relentless Rationalist will twist humanity for a so-called greater good, even if it means forcing human faces under a boot and stamping on them forever. Totalitarianism is the only conclusion: hell for the human, paradise for the prophets-turned-gods... “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.” [...]

Toward Patriotism: An Alternative to Nationalism

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Nationalism has not brought and will not bring unity, if for no other reason than nationalism insists on uniformity and must always exclude those who do not conform. Yet, if there is a chance to achieve some measure of unity, patriotism might enable it… In his thoughtful response to my essay, “History as Tragedy [...]

From Utopia to Nightmare

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In 1962, a little-known professor of English published an important book that demonstrated how the experience of the twentieth century gave the lie to the misplaced optimism of the nineteenth century… From Utopia to Nightmare by Chad Walsh (Harper Collins, 1962) Almost no one remembers Chad Walsh anymore. Our loss. A professor of English at [...]

Can Studying Grammar Save Our Culture?

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There is tremendous need for conscious and vigorous action to shape and reshape our behavior in accordance with virtue, the common good, and God’s Law. What could studying grammar have to do with saving our culture..? In his 1946 essay, “Politics and the English Language,” George Orwell sounds an almost despairing note: Most people who [...]

How George Orwell Helped Cause the Cold War

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Following the publication of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, the American public suddenly discovered that the Russians had utterly divergent geopolitical interests from Americans… Animal Farm’s positive reception in Great Britain was far exceeded by its smashing success in the United States. The initial American reaction to Orwell’s fable came in the form of a [...]

“Animal Farm”: Seventy Years Later

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Animal Farm hit a nerve at the right psychological moment in America, just when the pro-Soviet fellow-traveling movement was beginning to unravel… What havoc “a little squib” can cause! Seven decades ago, George Orwell’s Animal Farm was published in the United States. Its publication launch was August 26, 1946, almost exactly a year after [...]

The New Imperialism & the Death of Democracy

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“It is hard to make government representative when it is also remote.” G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News, August 17, 1918 The problem with the world in which we find ourselves is that it exists on the level of platitude. People no longer think, they merely regurgitate what they’ve been taught. Thus, for instance, all [...]

The Gradual Abolition of Language

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“You think, I daresay, that our chief job is inventing new words. But not a bit of it! We’re destroying words— scores of them, hundreds of them, every day. We’re cutting the language right down to the bone. Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? [...]