About Jacob Balde

Jacob Balde (1604-1668) was a German Jesuit priest and one of the great Neo-Latin poets. After completing his theological studies at Ingolstadt, where he was ordained priest in 1633, he was appointed Professor of Eloquence at the university.

“The Author’s Outcry”

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The Author’s outcry against Octavianus Caesar Augustus as he contemplated Schleissen’s marble effigy of Marcus Tullius Cicero. Extemporaneous poem. He was an ingrate, more a barbarian, Marcus, then even the lictor, when he left you beneath some lictor’s ignominious blow. Octavianus was almost more deadly […]

“The Trojan Horse”

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To Andreas Alcimus. How Germany is perishing by its own greed. That’s how things are; men die, expensively. They seek out lethal danger, with much war and worrying, and their pay consists of pain and loss. We are the fosterers, patrons of our pain. How proudly under Hector Priam’s kingdom and Troy, untoppled, happy, might [...]

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