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Paul Elmer More (1864—1937) was an American journalist, critic, essayist and Christian apologist. His periodicals were published in eleven volumes as The Shelburne Essays. After retiring from journalism, he published several books on Plato and Greek philosophy, including Greek Tradition. Late in his life More turned towards Christian apologetics, writing The Christ of the New Testament among other titles.

Obedience to What is Noble

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Paul Elmer More For, when everything is said, there could be no civilized society were it not that deep in our hearts, beneath all the turbulences of greed and vanity, abides the instinct of obedience to what is noble and of good repute. It awaits only the clear call from above–Aristocracy and Justice [...]

Paul Elmer More on Woodrow Wilson

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Paul Elmer More “I have disliked various politicians, Roosevelt for instance; but I have never felt towards any other man, not even Bryan, as I do towards Wilson. He has certain qualities which appeal to the intelligence of men otherwise clear-sighted and straightforward, and as a consequence he seems to have corrupted the [...]

Paul Elmer More: The Failure of Logic

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What saved me from moral and emotional paralysis in this pseudo-philosophy was, I think, a deep-seated interest in humanity. I could not reason myself into believing that men are only machines; I could not smother in logic the sense of mystery that broods upon the world, not find any place in the network of blind [...]

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