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R.M. Stangler

R.M. Stangler
R.M. Stangler is the Advancement Officer at Donnelly College in Kansas City. He earned his Ph.D. in rhetoric at the University of Kansas, where he wrote his dissertation on Richard Weaver and his Southern Agrarian mentors. Dr. Stangler has been published in The New Atlantis, Crisis Magazine, and The St. Austin Review.
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What a pity that a whole generation of students will know Robert E. Lee not as a complex man, not as a nuanced man, and not, like all of us, as a flawed man. They will know him only as the man who was erased...
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What has alarmed me most as I moved away from liberalism—or as it moved away from me—was how quick my liberal friends were to renounce and reject our delicate social fabric as oppressive, as exclusionary, or as just plain worthless. Churches? Schools? Communities? Not just anachronisms, according...