The Tyranny of History

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Those who weaponize history and language to fit their ideological vision know no boundaries in any matters. Enthralled by the phantoms of their psyche, they become the blind tyrants who destroy this real world for the fantasy of their world to come… It has become customary for moderns to hear the phrase “the right [...]

Is the Media the Enemy of the People?

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Most in the media disdain the common man, so Americans are right to be distrustful of journalists. But should this lead Americans to abandoning the function that the media plays in society? Americans are growing more distrustful of the media and college universities. And they’re perfectly right to be. It is not that everyone in [...]

The Diversity Delusion: Race and Gender in Our Universities

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Heather Mac Donald has written a no-holds-barred attack on the modern American university, where the absence of courage is only the tip of a very large and menacing iceberg… The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture by Heather Mac Donald (288 pages, St. Martin’s Press, 2018) This [...]

The Battle of Empty Minds: Can’t Anyone See Beyond the Hatred?

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Contrary to popular belief, the more violent Leftists are not fanatics drawn to an extremist ideology who see themselves as its foot soldiers. They are souls full of emptiness, inhabiting a world of chaos and darkness. More often than not, they will end their lives with nihilistic fury and flourish… The rash of violence [...]

The Road to Unfreedom

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After the shock of the 2016 election, liberals got a civics lesson on the electoral college established by the Constitution, and they didn’t like it. In his new book, Timothy Snyder speaks for them in bemoaning the fact that the founders created not a direct democracy but a republic... The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America, by [...]

Seeking No Monsters: Redefining American Exceptionalism

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A foreign policy firmly based on consistency, restraint, and adherence to our founding principles would ultimately achieve what most of us mistakenly believe we already possess: an American Exceptionalism admired and envied by the world... Today’s offering in our Timeless Essay series affords our readers the opportunity to join Joseph Mussomeli as he invites us [...]

C.S. Lewis & The Abolition of “Progress”

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C.S. Lewis believed that immutable and timeless universal principles governed all persons throughout time and space. Though these principles would find manifestations particular to era, culture, and individual, the rules remained eternal. Additionally, these natural laws would always and everywhere be “self-evident.” Men might choose to ignore, distort, or mock them, but they could [...]

How Neoconservatives Destroyed Southern Conservatism

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Neither the leftist Marxist multiculturalists nor the Neoconservatives reflect the genuine beliefs or inheritance left to us by those who came to these shores centuries ago. Both reject the historic conservatism of the South, which embodied that inheritance and the vision of the Founders… No discussion of Southern conservatism, its history and its relationship [...]

Up, Maybe, From Liberalism

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What has alarmed me most as I moved away from liberalism—or as it moved away from me—was how quick my liberal friends were to renounce and reject our delicate social fabric as oppressive, as exclusionary, or as just plain worthless. Churches? Schools? Communities? Not just anachronisms, according to the New Liberalism, but dangerous threats [...]

Michael Oakeshott vs. Irving Kristol

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Michael Oakeshott’s conception of conservatism was not without its critics. Among them was the American intellectual and self-avowed conservative, Irving Kristol… In 1956, the English philosopher Michael Oakeshott published “On Being Conservative,”[1] a statement of “the conservative disposition” as he conceived it. Although largely well received, Oakeshott’s conception of conservatism was not without its [...]

Handicapping History

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We have no way of knowing whether this twenty-first-century collapse is yet another momentary stumble (like the sixth-century collapse of the Gothic kingdoms) or finally the Dark Age. Like good Carolingians, however, we keep looking backwards for our recovery, trying to rebuild what we once had… Christopher Dawson’s prophetic The Making of Europe (1932) ends where [...]

Marxism: A Primer

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Unlike reality—which is infinitely and ultimately unknowable—Marxism as ideology pretends to understand the world, but, in reality, it offers only the merest shadow of true complexities… Though responsible—directly and indirectly—for the murder of nearly 150 million innocent children, women, and men in the previous century, Marxism is making a comeback in Western civilization. Not [...]

Single-Issue Liberals

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Much has been written in recent years about the increasing polarization in American politics. Republicans have moved further to the right, while Democrats have moved further to the left. And seldom do they even attempt to meet anywhere in the middle. The phenomenon is undeniable. It’s observable on a daily basis and confirmed by [...]