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Robert M. Woods is the Headmaster at the Covenant School in Dallas, Texas, and teaches in the graduate program at Faulkner University. His work has been published in several journals and he writes regularly for his website Musings of a Christian Humanist.

Educating Citizens with Kirk, Kass, and Guinness

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In addition to a desperate need for a revival of the Great Books to bring back some life in the barren world of modern education, the United States of America has been in trouble regarding political and a general civic ignorance. Historian Thomas Cahill once quipped that Rome fell when its people forgot what [...]

Clement of Alexandria: The Virtue of Liberal Learning

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Clement calls for his readers to meet Jesus as the “Word” and “Educator” that “forcibly” compels people from the “worldly way of life and educates them to the only true salvation: faith in God.” The Educator is the one “who leads the way” to “improve the soul” not just in knowledge but to guide [...]

Seneca’s On The Shortness of Life: Required Reading Before the Final Exam

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One does not have to jump into the Great Books by starting at the beginning. One does not have to start with the longest most difficult Philosophical work, or an 800 page literary masterpiece. It might be wise to begin with one of the shorter, richer selections. A teaching found throughout Scripture and the Great Books [...]

So Three Umpires Are In a Bar: Or Why Etienne Gilson Would Call It Right

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Among the many conversations I have had with Great Books students over the years, none is more lively than when we discuss various theories of truth. It seems to always come up when we are reading and talking about Thomas Aquinas’s Summa. In order to make immediate connection with them, I tell the story [...]

Why Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked IS a Great Book

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On numerous occasions, Mortimer Adler wrote about the criteria that was used to determine which books of all the books written in the West would be placed within The Great Books of the Western World. Contrary to confusion and many misstatements I’ve read over the years, Adler says it was essentially three criteria and [...]

Western Civilization–Old School via Professor Dawson

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Before all the noise, bizarre theories, revisionists approaches, and misinterpretations of Western Civilization there was a brilliant and dedicated scholar who carefully studied primary documents and a range of cultural and social artifacts. His research and passion yielded much fruit, and in his day, Christopher Dawson was recognized as a world class cultural historian. [...]