About Robert Taft

Robert A. Taft (1889-1953), son of President Taft, served on the United States Senator. Senator Taft was the main opponent of President Roosevelt's New Deal.

Robert Taft on Moral Leadership in Foreign Policy

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There are a good many Americans who talk about an American century in which America will dominate the world. They rightly point out that the United States is so powerful today that we should assume a moral leadership in the world…The trouble with those who advocate this policy is that they really do not confine [...]

Robert Taft on Character

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Robert Taft Before our system can claim success, it must not only create a people with a higher standard of living, but people with a higher standard of character—character that must include religious faith, morality, educated intelligence, self-restraint, and an ingrained demand for justice and unselfishness. In our striving for material things, we [...]

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