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Thomas Cloud graduated from The University of Washington in June 2011 with a BA in Economics and History. Since graduating he has interned for The Leadership Institute, CNS News and The Heritage Foundation. He is currently living in Seattle as a writer.

Video Games: The Rising Art

By |2014-04-24T08:27:42-05:00April 21st, 2014|Categories: Art, Ayn Rand, Culture, Literature, Music|

I believe video games are art. I don’t think that’s a very controversial thing to say anymore, but it bears repeating. It’s true that Lord of the Flies comes to mind now and again if I play a cooperative game with my friends. It’s also true that video games can be dangerously addictive. But in [...]

The Sports Obsession of a Lonely City

By |2014-04-10T14:51:39-05:00March 28th, 2014|Categories: Community, Sports|Tags: |

I’m from Seattle (the area if you want to be picky). Now I know that everyone likes to brag about their city being a sports town, but Seattle takes the cake. How else do the Mariners continue to have fans? Why is soccer actually popular here? And why the heck won’t the NBA move [...]

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