About Walt Garlington

Walt Garlington graduated as a chemical engineer from Louisiana Tech University in 2002 but then began writing full-time in 2012. His essays and poems have been published by the Tenth Amendment Center, The Hayride, The Abbeville Institute, Reckonin’, Katehon, Geopolitica, USAReally, and The New English Review. He also publishes at his web blog, Confiteri: A Southern Perspective.

“The Twilight of the West”

By |2021-05-23T11:35:39-05:00May 23rd, 2021|Categories: Poetry, Western Civilization|

Children of the Sunset Lands, Living in the distant marches of the West, In the innocence of youthful ignorance They worshipped the gods and goddesses, Pouring wine upon the ground for mighty Zeus And dancing round Odin’s sacred oak, Delighting the demons who hid behind those rites. […]

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