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Wilhelm Röpke

Wilhelm Röpke
Wilhelm Röpke (1899 – 1966) was a historian and economist. He was Professor of Economics, first in Jena, then in Graz, Marburg, Istanbul, and finally Geneva, Switzerland, and one of the spiritual fathers of the social market economy, theorizing and collaborating to organize the post-World War II economic re-awakening of the war-wrecked German economy. He and his colleagues' economic influence is considered largely responsible for enabling Germany's post-World War II "economic miracle." He is the author of A Humane Economy: The Social Framework of the Free Market.
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Romanticizing and moralistic contempt of the economy, including contempt of the impulses which move the market economy and the institutions which support it, must be as far from our minds as economism, materialism, and utilitarianism... Editor's Note: The following excerpt comes from Wilhelm Röpke's excellent book, 
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Is it not a fact that day after day and with immense energy and equally immense infatuation we are busy creating a material environment which suffocates the soul of man and causes psychical lesions of an...