Reflections on Christ and the Classics

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In a certain way, Christ is both priest and offering, a self-sacrifice transcending both concepts. This is something the classical world found disquieting… The extent to which the pagan classical world and Christianity are able to tell a common story has had an uneven history. In late antiquity, the Church Fathers were reluctant disciples [...]

Awaiting the King: Developing a Christian Imagination

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The church needs to ensure it is offering the true account of reality, rather than the account that the world is offering. That account, expressed through liturgy and worship, will form the Christian political imagination… Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology by James K.A. Smith (256 pages, Baker Academic, 2017) The present historical moment is [...]

Temperance & Abundance: Romano Guardini’s “Letters from Lake Como”

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When we begin to refashion things in our image rather than in God’s, we ourselves become displaced and disjointed. Strangely enough, by asserting only our humanity, we lose what makes us essentially and beautifully human… In truth, nature begins to relate to us only when we begin to indwell it, when culture begins in [...]

In the Beginning Was the Word

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If we do not understand words, through the apprehension and comprehension of their definitions, we cannot even begin to understand the wonders and glories of the cosmos that the Word Himself has brought forth… It seems that Mark Malvasi, in his latest essay on these pages, seeks to continue what he calls our “gentlemanly [...]

The Mystery of the Magi

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In The Mystery of the Magi, Fr. Dwight Longenecker provides a great service by differentiating legend from Gospel and arguing that the Scriptural record is trustworthy and accurate… Mystery of the Magi: The Quest to Identify the Three Wise Men by Dwight Longenecker (320 pages, Regnery, 2017) Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s newly-released book, The Mystery of the Magi, is [...]

The Art of Homily and the Conservative Critique

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While ushering their congregations through a period of personal reflection and preparation, clergy have in the occasion of the sermon the opportunity to aid in the rediscovery of the church’s language, both as God’s medium of judgment and as his enduring, self-revelatory vehicle to the world… For clergy preparing for their flocks a meaning-rich [...]

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