Coming Home: Why Conservatism Appeals to Young People

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Conservatism is in many ways a philosophy of belonging. It appeals to the nation as a communal home, a vessel for culture, language, custom, tradition and all the vestiges of identity garnered from generations of shared history… Recent discussions about conservatism have wondered how it can appeal to young people. These discussions necessarily emphasize [...]

Why I Am a Conservative

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Russell Kirk To condense into a short essay the reason I’m a conservative is no mean feat. From my perspective, in order to represent my reasoning, I need to address not only what it is about conservatism that first captured my attention, but also how I believe that the principles of conservatism [...]

Why I AM a Conservative

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John Willson It’s really too bad that so many wimps are running away from the word “conservative.” It’s become fashionable. Now, don’t get me wrong. When Billy Kristol claims that the “Weakly Standard” is conservative, I at least chuckle. When Fox News is called “right wing” I giggle. When the psychiatrist Dr. Krauthammer positions [...]