A Post-Modern Christmas

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T’was the day after Christmas: a knock at my door Came loudly and suddenly. I, from mid-snore, Threw open the portal and found with chagrin A white-bearded fatso all reeking of gin. “I gave at the office,” I snapped with a frown While I gave that old wino the quick up-and-down: He’d presumably gargled his [...]

Wiki Leaks Expose Presidential Weakness

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(AFT wire/11.31.2010/0954) In the rush to sort through 250,000 US government documents recently disbursed through the Internet by the website WikiLeaks, security analysts are paying closest attention to the oldest document in the package which some pundits and American political leaders claim opens a former US President to charges of treason. “It is a grave [...]

With Both Barrels: The TSA Opt-Out Edition

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Today is special, of course: it’s the Feast of St. Cecilia, patroness of music. It’s also the birthday of a good friend. Happy Birthday, Laura! You are truly an amazing witness to your community. TSA 
As readers of the The Imaginative Conservative already know, the TSA is nasty, and it seems to be getting nastier [...]

The Walls Have Ears (and Hands, Too)

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Like most people in the U.S., when President George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), I didn’t see many problems with it. We had just watched in horror as terrorists flew planes into three buildings and killed thousands of people. They came from within and turned fully-fueled commercial [...]

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