Freedom of a Certain Kind

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Was it a golden age of freedom of a certain kind and were we then the lucky ones the unchained, in my terms? The next utopia may be rich and sweet a virtual paradise perhaps and honeycombed with images but from which there is no escape no vantage point or cold light of day. From [...]

I Wonder Who They Pray To

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As I watch them in the park spry old couple, ninety odd hearts re-bored and tooled up with walking, hearing, seeing aids a twinkle even in the eye leaning close, holding hands these taller, longer-living things our ever-lengthening DNA string she blushes, he grins, I wonder who we must thank? The gentleman scientist medicine man? [...]

Informing Without Inspiration: Modern Media

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The London Daily Telegraph recently ran an article in which a young history graduate recounts the political bias that threaded through all ten years of his education. A major module in his degree course—from a top flight university—was about “the ramblings of John Lennon and Yoko Ono”. The prescribed reading-list of Obama presidency critiques focussed [...]

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